Evolve into a Caretaker of Content

Velvet Chainsaw

Imagine designing your next conference or annual meeting from scratch around content instead of picking up the template you’ve been using for years and tweaking it. Not just your education programming, but your breaks, meals, even your exhibit hall (which we advocate for evolving into a solutions center, including changing the name). Please stop designing content for events and start thinking about designing events for the content.”

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Bright Lights, Big City: 2017 PCMA Education Conference Day 1 Highlights

PCMA Convene

The 2017 PCMA Education Conference kicked off Sunday at the Marriott Marquis Times Square, where attendees were quickly immersed in a distinctively New York vibe — minus the traffic. From the conference decor to the Tony Awards-themed after party, #PCMAEC paid tribute to the city in which it was hosted. Magical technology to kick off @pcmahq Education Conference in NYC. Opening reception at Rockefeller Center Plaza.

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Designing 21st Century Conference Learning Experiences And Spaces

Velvet Chainsaw

Our conference learning spaces affect our audience. We must learn to think like designers. Then we can focus on changing our conference participants’ learning spaces with the right goal in mind—nurturing their learning. We are designing them to foster, nurture and amplify our participants’ learning. Hat tips Rebecca Louise Hare and Dr. Robert Dillon authors of The Space: A Guide for Educators.). Think About These As You Plan And Design.

2017 198

Learner- And User-Design Key To Next-Gen Audiences

Velvet Chainsaw

Wikipedia defines design as the creation of a plan or convention for the construction of an object, system or measurable human interaction (as in architectural blueprints, engineering drawings, business processes, circuit diagrams, and sewing patterns). So, when you read the word design , what pops into your mind? Fashion Designers? Interior design? Graphic design? Meeting and conference professionals? Learning Experience Design (LXD).

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[Webinar] It’s Time to Shake Things Up at Your Next Event

Velvet Chainsaw

Dave will talk about his forecasts for future trends for association events at a virtual education session on July 15 at 10 a.m. EDT for the Reston Herndon Meeting Planners, “Ready or Not, Here They Come: 5 Post-Pandemic Conference Design Changes.”.

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The Conference Arc — the key components of every successful participation-rich conference

Conferences that Work

Traditional conferences focus on a hodgepodge of pre-determined sessions punctuated with socials, surrounded by short welcomes and closings. Such conference designs treat openings and closings as perfunctory traditions, perhaps pumped up with a keynote or two, rather than key components of the conference design. This arc creates a seamless conference flow where each phase builds on what has come before.

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Adrian Segar Speaker Tips Interview

Conferences that Work

Read the full article at Conferences That Work Related posts: Participate! The key to successful 21st century conferences Attend Participate!, June 2, Indianapolis and you'll leave with the key to successful 21st century conferences: knowing how to truly satisfy attendees by adding effective participation, learning, connection, and engagement to. Face The Fear—Then Change Your Conference Design! After a one-day Participate!

An innovative conference competition format

Conferences that Work

My Dutch friend and expert moderator, Jan Jaap In der Maur , recently shared an innovative format for an in-conference pitch competition he devised for the Conventa Crossover Conference , in Ljubljana, Slovenia: “There were also the Conventa Crossover Awards. Traditionally, this kills the dynamics of every conference: there were 16 finalists, who all had to be given the opportunity to pitch.

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If You Build It, Will Teams Come?

Velvet Chainsaw

In the first , we looked at why it’s a smart conference strategy. In this post, we’ll explore how to design, promote and execute it for your next conference. Since our work culture is mostly team-based, it’s about time we reflected it in our conference design. Design for Team Learning. Design the room layout to accommodate teams of four to six sitting together, which will help expedite and enhance knowledge sharing and change management.

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We are biased against truly creative event design

Conferences that Work

A “creative” event design is one with a novel venue and/or decor and lighting and/or food and beverage. Consequently, planners restrict the entire focus of creative event design to novel visual and sensory elements. Truly creative event design We are biased against truly creative event design. I’ve experienced plenty of bias against comprehensive event design since I began developing participant-driven and participation-rich meetings in 1992.

2018 218

Prescribing a Hub-and-Spoke Approach

Convene by PCMA

Re-Think MS, a multi-hub, one-day medical conference organized by AIM Group International, was broadcast from a main studio to 13 sites across Italy. Meeting Management Event Strategy & Design News & Trends

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Three better alternatives to the conference lecture

Conferences that Work

Ah, the ubiquitous conference one-hour lecture. As an example I’ll use a three-day conference I’m currently designing. Here are three session formats we’re using for the middle of the conference arc. In my experience, each of them is far more effective than a traditional conference lecture. Image attribution: Marisha Aziz Read the full article at Conferences That Work Related posts: Face The Fear—Then Change Your Conference Design!

2018 208

Hybrid Meetings Doomed to Failure? Not So Fast

Velvet Chainsaw

I’ll admit that in 2011, when the Virtual Edge Institute (now called the Digital Experience Institute) first co-located its conference with the Professional Convention Management Association’s Convening Leaders, the experience fell flat for me. I’m anticipating that I’ll be multi-tasking, primarily in listening mode while hoping for some juicy nuggets from PCMA’s education platform. What obstacles are preventing you from live streaming your conference education?

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Dear Adrian — How does group size impact process design?

Conferences that Work

Another issue of an occasional series— Dear Adrian —in which I answer questions about event design, elementary particle physics , solar hot water systems, facilitation, and anything else I might conceivably know something about. Steve, I like your question because it highlights a key tension inherent in group process design: the tension between intimacy (going deep with a few) and discovery (uncovering the possibilities of the many). Read the full article at Conferences That Work.

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Lessons for #eventprofs from an improv and mindfulness workshop — Part 1

Conferences that Work

In this two-part article I’ll share a little of my experience and takeaways, followed by their relevance to event design ( red ). Although that opportunity had to be passed up—PCMA made me an offer I couldn’t refuse: facilitating the 2015 PCMA Education Conference —I made it to the 2016 workshop. After a three-day introductory workshop at BATS, I attended two four-day Applied Improvisation Network World Conferences (San Francisco 2012 and Montreal 2015).

2016 168

Panels as if the audience mattered

Conferences that Work

I’m in San Antonio, Texas, having just run two 90-minute “panels” at a national association leadership conference. Each session was designed to discover and meet wants and needs of the executive officers and volunteers of the association’s regional chapters’ members in an area of special interest. At the conference sessions I design and facilitate, everyone is “up there” instead of “down here.”

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2019 40 Under 40: Heather Wakefield, Regulatory Affairs Professionals Society

Connect Your Meetings

Heather Wakefield, 39, works remotely in Nashville, Tennessee, as a s enior manager of education and events at Regulatory Affairs Professionals Society. What I do: I am a results-oriented, event and education professional with more than 10 years of experience in healthcare nonprofit associations. metro area in 2007, I had the opportunity to start working in a medical specialty association on educational programming.

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Top 21 Event Blogs That Every #EventProf Must Follow


We love it for its educational, in-depth content and fresh perspectives on some of the most interesting topics for eventprofs. Meeting design and interaction tips 11. It provides ready-to-use templates and on-demand webinars designed to level up your presentation skills – both from the visual perspective as well as in the craft of conversational presenting. Dive in for tips on how to design internal meetings that build trust and increase employee engagement.

2018 63

6 Events for Business Owners in 2019 & 2020

Tito Blog | An Event Blog for Organisers

When you first visit the website for FallUp , you might be wondering why I’ve sent you to a student conference when I’m supposed to be recommending events for business owners, so let’s look a little closer. FallUp is, yes, a conference designed for students entering the business world, but the organisers are doing so in order to benefit the businesses that this new generation will empower.

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Virtual Events 2021: The #1 List of Virtual Events and Conferences


The most authoritative list of 2021 virtual events and conferences on the internet. Virtual Events & Conferences in 2021. It is the only conference of its kind where attendees can obtain real-world knowledge and training that is not vendor-run. National ESEA Conference.

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2019 Tech Conferences: The #1 Tech Events Guide


The most authoritative 2019 tech conferences directory on the web. Or looking to wrap up 2018 with an exceptional conference? This carefully curated conference directory features over 200 (and growing) 2019 tech conferences across multiple industries. January Conferences.

2018 111

What’s the best learning model for conference sessions?

Conferences that Work

We don’t usually think about the learning models we employ during conference sessions, and I believe our events would be better if we did. Conventional conferences assume a ready supply of experts to whom we listen while they cover the learning that has been advertised at their sessions. ” —Jeff Hurt, We Must Stop Promoting Conference Fast-Track, Artificial, Butt-In-Seat, Surface Learning. Read the full article at Conferences That Work.

2016 232

40 Outstanding Event Industry Blogs to Follow

Endless Events

Search within blog categories like education, sustainability and team building or check out her opinion pieces for something different. Their blog, the “Event Leaders Blog” is packed with education, training and insights for event profs just like you. We love their focus on careers and education development. Meetings & conferences. Conferences That Work. Conferences That Work is the creation of conference design and facilitation legend Adrian Segar.

2018 104

How Airbnb Open Is Changing the Attendee Experience

PCMA Convene

And just as Airbnb has redefined what it means to be a traveler, Airbnb Open 2016 created a new idea of what it means to be a conference attendee. Actually, forget conference, convention, or any of the typical terms associated with participating in business events. Many hosts have told us that Open is much more transformational than a conference. So we’ve decided to call it a festival this year, and not a conference.”.

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TME Top 15 Meeting, Event, and Technology Must Read Blogs

The Modern Event

Adrian Segar’s blog is for the corporate meeting professional; creating “relevant, memorable conferences.” The site acts as a resource for conference design and facilitation with tips, Q&As, and great examples. MindyWeiss.com. Convene gets insight into the creme de las crème of education events and offers valuable information to bring your planning to the next level.

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Event Jobs | January 2018

Event Leadership Institute

Design & Event Coordinator | AlliedPRA | Chandler, AZ. Program Manager (in Event Planning) | Convention Designs LLC | Denver, CO. Conference & Event Specialist | Yale University | New Haven, CT. Graphic Designer / Events Planner | University of Miami | Coral Gables, FL. Coordinator, Special Events – Community Education | Hawaii Pacific Health | Lihue, HI. Design & Event Coordinator | AlliedPRA | Chicago, IL.

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