June 13, 2017: Sponsors Drop Public Theater Event Sponsorship Over Trump-Inspired ‘Julius Caesar,’ Ad Agencies Weigh Importance of Cannes, Orlando Remembers Pulse Victims With Day of Memorial Events



How to run a top-notch business event without breaking the bank

Plan Your Meetings

You’ll be hosting and running a top-notch business event in no time, all without breaking the bank! Relevant companies will also be interested in having their name displayed on emails, tickets and signs at the event and will consider the sponsorship as brand awareness and exposure.

15 Organizations That Sponsor Developer Events

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Of course, ticket sales can sustain some events in their entirety, but many organisers look to sponsorship to bridge the gap between expenses and money in the bank. However, it can be hard to find who you should reach out to with your sponsorship proposals and pitches.

How To Leverage Insiders To Obtain Fundraiser Sponsors

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Members of your community who already know and support your mission are the best advocates for bringing in sponsorship revenue. For many nonprofit organizations, cold-calling potential sponsors is the most difficult and least efficient way to earn sponsorship revenue for an event.

How Event Pros Can Learn from Art Basel's Success

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The art fair has a reputation for showing high quality work and attracting leading artists, galleries, collectors and sponsorship brands from around the world—and. The art fair creates an environment in which sponsorship brands can authentically connect with consumers.

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A new kind of association service — Open Collective

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One interesting feature allows an umbrella organization to empower local or networked chapters/projects to raise money and have their own budget, without having to open a separate bank account for each one.

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4 Ways Live-Streaming Can Benefit Your Events


Increase Sponsorship Opportunities. Whether you decide to charge for your events or not, live-streaming can open up other revenue opportunities for you through sponsorship. Or you could approach new sponsors and offer just the ‘live-streaming’ sponsorship option.

Why More Marketing Agencies are Finding Value in Events

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An agency can pull on you and keep you real and honest in terms of talking to consumers in the way they want to be talked to,” said Atom Bank’s Wood in Marketing Weekly. (3 Minute Read). Why More Marketing Agencies are Finding Value in Events.

How the Consumer Bankers Association Completely Revamped Its Annual Meetings

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But six years ago, the Consumer Bankers Association (CBA) decided to completely revamp the organization’s annual events and find a way to make banking more dynamic. Originally, each of CBA’s eight member sectors — from mortgage banking to auto-loan financing — had its own meeting.

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Panels as if the audience mattered

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The first session focused on a key fund-raising event used by all of the participants, while the second covered the more general topic of chapter fundraising and sponsorship. Bruce Eric Kaplan cartoon displayed under license from The Cartoon Bank.

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Experiential marketing: How to build partnerships with event sponsors


For many event owners, the classic sponsorship approach might need some adaptation. With some creativity, immersive and personalized experiences can be created without breaking the bank. That way, you can ensure sponsorship ideas complement the overall vision.

55+ Event Planning Resources From Event Experts


From blogs on ways to increase ticket sales to 40-page eBooks on ways to maximize event sponsorship to webinars featuring event organizers in the field— you’ll find something useful within this directory of event planning resources. The Event Sponsorship Guide.

Event experience: 5 ways to deliver all-the-feels


Mass personalization doesn’t have to break the bank. Let your sponsors loose It’s important to give potential sponsorship brands the creative licence to execute on their idea — ensuring it’s complementary to the overall event experience. Event attendees don’t always remember the details about demos, vendors, or conference sessions. In fact, some can barely remember the keynote speaker. So what’s the secret ingredient to a memorable event? The answer is the event experience.

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Top Event Agencies: The Ultimate Directory (2019)


Notable clients: AAA (Club Alliance), Florida Hospital, MedStar Health, M&T Bank, Target. Notable clients: AAA (Club Alliance), Florida Hospital, MedStar Health, M&T Bank, Target. They specialize in multicultural events, sponsorship activation, and mobile tours. TD Bank.

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The Top 11 Free Event Management Software

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For payment processing other than cash, check, or bank transfer, you’ll need the pro edition. Attendees can use it to register and submit proposals, while planners can track everything from registrations to venues to sponsorship in the administrator dashboard.

A Quantum Leap with Freeman’s Quant Data Tool

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The visual dashboard was a PCMA sponsorship activation of Freeman’s Quant tool, a platform intended to provide real-time data and analysis for events professionals. A Freeman representative answers questions about the Quant data tool display at Convening Leaders 2019 in Pittsburgh.

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5 Things To Avoid When Running a Successful Roadshow

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We’re lucky to have some amazing customers and friends in the industry who stepped up to the plate and let us use their gorgeous offices and event spaces so that we could pull off our series without breaking the bank.

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4 Predictions for Event Tech in 2019

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Retail brands, insurance companies, and banks have been using chatbots for years,” Haas said. Maybe you would see a different set of sponsorships than I do.”.

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26 Minneapolis Event Venues Your Attendees Will Love


US Bank Stadium. Source: US Bank Stadium. The US Bank Stadium has custom-built spaces for events of almost all sizes. Searching for event venues in the Mini Apple? Look no further than this list of 26 awesome event venues in Minnesota’s Twin Cities and beyond.

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“Our Survey Says!” These Are the Top Challenges Facing Event Planners

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That moment when you’re banking on a certain dollar amount to come through after a previously successful sponsorship engagement, and it doesn’t. Event professionals are being asked to do more, but they’re not all getting the resources they need to improve their process in a real way.

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Game Changers: Sporting Incentive Trips


As major sporting events often offer a history-making moment, they create a unique opportunity for employees to bond over the shared, once-in-a-lifetime experience,” says Bryan Pettigrew, senior vice president of marketing and sponsorship for the Breeders’ Cup Thoroughbred horse races.

SEO for events in 2019

Plan Your Meetings

The search engine could see “market” and just assume it’s a retail store when in reality the capital markets refer to inter-bank lending and such. The goal is to increase your attendee satisfaction score so you can win more sponsorships.

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Top UK Event Agencies: The Ultimate Directory (2019)


Notable clients: Volkswagen, Lloyds Bank, Waitrose, John Lewis Partnership, Halifax. Banks Sadler. As a full service agency Cheil London has plenty of experience in digital, shopper marketing, experiential, traditional advertising, social, retail design and sponsorship.

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12 Imaginative Events and Conferences from Amazon


Also, to offset costs, try to secure event sponsorships. C-Suite execs, vice presidents, and department directors who work for banks, insurance companies, and other institutions in the financial sector will find this conference beneficial. Amazon is a leader in the event space.

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Olympia London celebrates long-term commitment to sustainability

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From their invaluable partnership with Barons Court Project, to their sponsorship of school uniforms and provision of space for community events, the venue has worked hard to maintain its position at the heart of our community.”. A long-term partnership with charity City Harvest and local food banks ensures leftover food is delivered to where it is needed the most in the community. Known as the ‘home of inspirational events’, Olympia London is one of the capital’s busiest venues.

12 Imaginative Events from Forbes


Sponsorship can help offset the cost of renting venues, booking speakers, and all of the many other event expenses. The 2019 event will feature amazing speakers from companies like Fannie Mae and Bank of America with the aim to help attendees stay on the cutting edge of technology in business.

5 ways event apps can help attendees explore your host city


In 2015, the Pan Am Games app did this by placing pins on their lead sponsor CIBC’s bank machines setup at different venues and sites. With gamification you’ll be able to improve your understanding of your guests and boost your ROI on sponsorship opportunities.

Home Runs and Base Hits

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But the league has been able to cultivate new revenue streams from its digital-media company while also increasing sponsorship revenue. Without the hefty bank accounts of their major-league counterparts, many teams have found success by staying true to their roots as affordable family fun.

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25 Creative Event Promotion Ideas


We’ve corralled 25 of creative event promotion ideas that you can use to improve registration numbers and reach new audiences without breaking the bank. Event sponsorship promotion is a critical component of event marketing.

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Agency Spotlight: Rapiergroup

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This includes event and conference planning and management, exhibit strategy and design, employee training and engagement, sponsorship marketing, creative content and communications, and digital-interactive media. This article is brought to you in association with Macroart.

The Advent Of Meeting Automation For Events

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Let’s say I’m a healthcare company or I am a financial company, a banking or insurance company. The first set of analytics is how efficient was my exhibit and my event sponsorship. Turn your mics on, it’s time to explore meeting automation for events!

Leveraging Social Media for Event Marketing

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Sponsorship activation: Lots of events have sponsors, and some of those sponsors may pay to be featured on your social channels. You’ve sent out invitations. You’ve secured sponsors. Months of planning. Endless phone calls, meetings and details. So what are you missing?

How To Get Started In Event Planning By Volunteering

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But where you actually make the money to cover core funding, like operating expenses, is typically through sponsorship. You want to make ticket sales to be the gravy and the sponsorships the cover, the operating cost.

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How to evaluate the success of enterprise corporate event? Would you rather know or guess?


This is an example of the activities of one of the conscious banks, which in this way, collected the necessary logistical information in sufficient time and their interpretation was much more effective. #3 If you have enough funds, you can organize a lottery with a bigger prize for people who have completed a feedback survey, such as Power bank, mascot, book or PlayStation (as we did during 4Developers for the best, most constructive feedback).

Event Jobs | February 2018

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Sponsorship Event Coordinator | Spartan Race, Inc. Team Leader Events South Asia | Barclays Bank PLC | Singapore, SG. One of the main reasons event professionals learn with us is to hone the skills needed to advance their event planning careers, and many of them ask us about job openings.

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Are Galas Still Relevant?

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Sponsorships ranged from $15,000 to $100,000 (some start at $2,500 for events with a younger demographic). Sponsorship Activations. There are 100 branches across the city that you can select from and dollars are matched by TD Bank.

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