Ultimate Event Venue Checklist for Event Planners


Planning an event is a long and arduous task that’s incredibly rewarding when finished. One of the main tasks that you need to prepare for is booking an event venue. It could be a conference, a meeting, or a corporate event. Finding the right venue for your event is a huge undertaking.

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15 Social Media Tactics To Increase Your Event Marketing Exposure


Event marketing and planning is incredibly rewarding when done successfully, but it takes a lot of time and effort to get to that point. A big aspect of creating a successful conference or event is to generate buzz around it.

11 Ways To Save Money Planning Your Next Fundraising Event


So, you’re in charge of your organization’s next fundraising event.

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20 Badass Vancouver Venues to Make Your Event Pop: 2018 Updated


Updated: May 30th, 2018 A fluorescent-lit, ceiling stained, carpeted room… Is anyone else tired of the same old event venues? BORING! The venue is the first thing your event attendees will judge your event on. This is your first impression. You have 7 seconds to make your mark.

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9 Simple Steps to Master Social Media for Events

The Definitive Guide to Social Media Event Marketing

5 Things You Can Do to Ensure Corporate Events are Unforgettable


Employees today lead busier lives than ever before. They are striving to advance at work. Juggling work-life balance at home is harder than ever. Today’s workforce is often finding themselves falling into the rut of “going and coming”.

How To Choose The Right Speaker For Your Next Conference


Would you like a keynote speaker that is engaging, inspirational and entertaining, while being knowledgeable in their field and relevant to your audience? What event manager doesn’t right? There are many things to consider when looking for a speaker for your next event.

Achieving Event Attendee Satisfaction through Gamification


The best event hosts add a unique and memorable touch to their events. Here are a few tips on gamification from guest blogger Dan McCarthy. Events these days should go beyond a presentation and a few workshops. Remember, an event is about captivating an audience to build your brand.

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Plan A Well Attended (And Well Liked) Corporate Event


Planning a corporate event is no small task. We know, we’ve been there. There is so much to take into consideration such as goals, theme, location, ticketing, transportation, entertainment, equipment, food, dietary restrictions, drinks and so much more.

A Practical Guide to Measuring Event Success

Can you measure event ROI? 3 in 5 marketers can't. Learn how with this free ROI model.

5 Promotional Mistakes To Avoid For Your Next Event In 2018


Have you started your event promotion? Do you have marketing images set up on Google, Adroll and Facebook? Are you ready to push send on that A/B split test email? Great! You are well on your way to successfully promoting your event. However, now you need to think about what you are not doing.

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The Speaker-To-Audience Rut: Are You In It?


Are you ready to change the format of your event or conference? It’s time to break out of the model. Create new event engagement that keeps your attendees active, interested and on their toes; then it’s time to get yourself unstuck from the speaker-to-audience rut!

Join the Movement – Picatic for Good


Over the years of working with non-profit organizations, changemakers, and community builders we have learned that these selfless groups have big hearts with the sole purpose of raising money, not for themselves, but for the better needs of others. The post Join the Movement – Picatic for Good appeared first on Picatic Event Planning Blog. Helpful Event Tips

Double Ticket Sales, Increase Revenue


Events have a lot of moving parts. There are a multitude of items that need your attention in order to create a fluid and memorable event. Selling tickets is probably an area that requires the majority of your attention (unless your event always sells out in minutes). Have you created a plan to increase your […]. The post Double Ticket Sales, Increase Revenue appeared first on Picatic Event Planning Blog.

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Event Planners ~ Do You Know How To Retain Clients?


Event management and planning comes with many challenges! Client retention might be the biggest one. So, how do you ensure customers and attendees are satisfied enough to come back again and again? Don’t worry – it’s actually much easier than you’d think! There are simple steps you can take to ensure you are relating to attendees, […]. The post Event Planners ~ Do You Know How To Retain Clients? appeared first on Picatic Event Planning Blog.

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Gartner Magic Quadrant for Security Information and Event Management (SIEM)

The need for early detection of targeted attacks and data breaches is driving the expansion of new and existing SIEM deployments.

Encouraging Words For Professionals On An Association Journey Including Stay Curious And Hungry

Velvet Chainsaw

Encouragement by Kevin Spencer. Nothing we do is inevitable. Our success as association professionals is not inevitable. Achieving a thriving conference and burgeoning membership is not inevitable. We are not guaranteed that our association will stay small or that it will grow big.

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Making The Common Conference Uncommon

Velvet Chainsaw

Who wants to attend a common, ordinary, ho-hum, everyday , I’m-just-like-all-the-others traditional conference? Even worse, who wants to pay to attend one? And who wants to plan or sell one? Your conference growth and revenue depends upon repeat paying attendees year after year.

Start Your Conference Improvement Process With Enrollment

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As conference organizers, we frequently ignore the evidence all around us of what’s working and what’s not. That evidence is everywhere. It’s just that we don’t know what to do with it once we have it.

Conferences Need More Sharing

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One of the strongest intangible attributes of a healthy conference is how much sharing takes place. Too often, competition and self-interest get in the way of sharing what’s most helpful.

Effortlessly Interact with an Entire Audience from Any Location

1,000 Participants. 75 Locations. 1 Solution.

The Crisis of Connection

Velvet Chainsaw

We’re lonely. And not just a little lonely. We’re experiencing a global epidemic level of loneliness. Last week, the U.K.

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If You Design Conference Experiences, Read This!

Velvet Chainsaw

We design experiences for our customers. So why don’t we design experiences for ourselves? Have we missed the obvious? (I I confess: I have!). As conference organizers, why can’t we also have a fun, fulfilling, and collaborative experience planning and designing the conference?

Nobody is born ahead of their time

Conferences that Work

After watching Hannah Gadsby ‘s stunning show Nanette — which I highly recommend — here’s a small piece worth sharing. Gadsby starts with Vincent Van Gogh, looking at how we’ve come to lionize the idea of misunderstood genius. Born ahead of his time,” she says. What a load of s**t.

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Abandon All But Tomorrow When Planning Your Conference

Velvet Chainsaw

When do you stop pouring resources into things that have achieved their purpose? asked management guru Peter Drucker. It’s one of Drucker’s signature strategies: abandoning the past for tomorrow. He called it the concept of purposeful abandonment. Purposeful abandonment doesn’t sound very attractive.

Your Conference Content Has Magnetic Pull

Velvet Chainsaw

Content marketing has grown by leaps and bounds during the past five years. Unfortunately, too few event organizers fully embrace the long-tail, pull benefits of content marketing.

Refactor Your Conference Archaic Planning Routines

Velvet Chainsaw

Conference organizers and their planning teams should understand, identify and quash organizational debt. Once they pinpoint and distinguish it, they need to refactor it. Refactor it?” you say. What does refactor mean?”.

You’re Paying Too Much Interest On Your Conference Organizational Debt

Velvet Chainsaw

Most organizations pay for it without knowing it. What is it? Conference organizational debt.

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How to trash your brand

Conferences that Work

If I could completely avoid flying American Airlines I would. Not because of the airline’s mediocre rankings in on-time arrivals, lost baggage, fees, and customer satisfaction. After all, there are some airlines that are even worse (Spirit, I’m looking at you ).

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Six Conference Paradigms To Bust Immediately

Velvet Chainsaw

If there’s something strange in your conference-hood. Who you gonna call? paradigm busters). If there’s something weird. And your event don’t look good. Who you gonna call? paradigm busters). I ain’t afraid of no paradigm. I ain’t afraid of no paradigm. Adapted from songwriter Ray Parker Jr.

Star Struck: Identifying Your Conference North Star

Velvet Chainsaw

For centuries, explorers and those sailing the sea have relied on the North Star, or Polaris , to navigate. Long before the advent of the GPS, the North Star provided a distinctive visible position to true north.

Event marketing strategies for tough economic times (UPDATED)

Plan Your Meetings

It’s no secret that the economy affects the events industry. When event budgets are slashed, event attendance drops, attendees are less willing or able to travel, and those attendees who do show up feel the effects of the economy.

Transition Becomes Your New Conference Threshold

Velvet Chainsaw

What’s your favorite room in your home? I have two: my front porch with its porch swing and my master suite that looks out into my backyard. I cross the thresholds of those spaces daily without much thought. We rarely think about thresholds.

5 Best Event Invitation Email Examples


An event is a puzzle, and if you don’t manage to craft a strong event invitation email, you can lose one of its fundamental pieces. This is especially true if you’re new to the world of event planning; it is a challenge to understand how people will respond to your invite.

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Challenging Our Conference Mental Models To Build Future Effective Events

Velvet Chainsaw

How do we think? And just as important, how and what do we think about our conferences and events? How do we understand our conference planning processes, its underlying assumptions, and our customers, partners, exhibitors, and stakeholders?

5 Free Website Templates for Event Planners


Even though the current trends of AI, RFID, face recognition, and live streaming are imposing huge pressure on event professionals, it’s fair to say their lives are much easier today.

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Conference Purpose With Power And Participants Leads To Profitability

Velvet Chainsaw

Does your event have a clear and inspiring purpose? (If If you’re shaking your head yes, then what is it?). Now imagine someone asking your conference participants that question. How would they respond? I suspect they would say “ Yes, of course it has a purpose!”

How to Run a Content Strategy for Events


The content that you create before, during, and after an event should be a reflection of your event’s unique values.

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Conferences Can Foster And Reclaim Authentic Conversations, Deep Connections And Transformational Community

Velvet Chainsaw

One of society’s greatest paradoxes is that we have more connections today than we did in the past but there is less community and conversation. As a conference organizer, you can seed your annual meeting with experiences that nurture authentic conversations, deep connections and community.

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A Tailored Email Marketing Strategy for Event Catering Promotion


Just as nourishing food is a part of a healthy lifestyle, food is also an integral element of a healthy event atmosphere. According to Market Research , event planners are seeing a rise in demand for customised catering both in corporate and household settings.