Event Sustainability Pledges Examples

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Event Sustainability Pledges examples and best practice will help event organisers to run more sustainable events. The post Event Sustainability Pledges Examples appeared first on Gallus Events. Sustainable events Sustainable Events

How the Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games can inspire your next sustainable large-scale event

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Having been an avid fan of the Commonwealth Games all my life (my best memory is the exciting 200 metre final in the 1982 Brisbane Games where a dead heat resulted in two gold medals) I, like many others, am looking forward to the Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games from 28 July to 8 August.

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6Connex – Sustainable Suppliers 2022

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Sustainability is in our roots. We are committed to identifying opportunities to lead sustainability efforts through foundational and innovative programs. Sustainability is in our DNA.

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The 2022 Sustainable Event Buyer’s Guide

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This third edition of the Sustainable Events Buyer’s Guide comes at a critical time. This Sustainable Events Buyer’s Guide has input from across the industry – venues to suppliers – including editorial by Too Good To Go, Event Cycle, Levy, Event Decision, ISLA, Greener Festival and Toast.

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Sustainable Event Buyer’s Guide 2022 launch

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BMA House , home to the British Medical Association since 1925, was the perfect setting to introduce Event Industry News’ (EIN) latest Sustainable Event Buyer’s Guide. Put a team together that’s passionate about sustainability and make time for them.

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How to Make In-Person Events More Accessible and Sustainable in 2022

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80% of event organizers plan to produce their next in-person meeting in the first half of 2022. The eagerness to return to in-person events after almost two years apart is palpable. In-Person Events

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The Sustainable UK Event Industry in 2050

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The Sustainable UK Events Industry 2050 – A reality or just a dream? The post The Sustainable UK Event Industry in 2050 appeared first on Gallus Events. Sustainable eventsThe global events industry was valued at USD 886.99

U.S. Travel Launches Sustainable Travel Coalition

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Travel Association has launched the Sustainable Travel Coalition, designed to bring its members together to develop and focus on strategies that will ensure a more sustainable future. With nearly 60 members, the Sustainable Travel Coalition will act as a forum to inform U.S.

IMEX Frankfurt Asks Attendees to Take Pledge on Sustainability


As the business events community gathers in Germany for the 20 th anniversary of IMEX Frankfurt, not only is there a focus on reconnecting after being away for two years but on sustainability as well. “Developing and launching sustainable business event programs is not an option anymore.

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Starting IPW 2022 with a Green Bang: Tourism Cares Pledges $10,000 to IDEAS for Us

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IDEAS for Us works with volunteers to make Orlando’s greenery even more sustainable. Out of appreciation for IDEAS for Us’ contribution to the beautification and sustainability of Orlando, they were awarded a grant of $10,000. Making Sustainable Travel Happen.

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Event Industry Sustainability Gap – Good Intentions Versus Action


According to the GBTA, 89 percent of survey respondents identified sustainability as a priority with only 14 percent believing that the industry has made good progress. Another factor impacting sustainability measures is the upheaval caused by the pandemic. Sustainability

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Why You Need to Run a More Sustainable Event

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Why You Need to Run a More Sustainable Event. The reason we have to run more sustainable events is clear, you only have to look at the very basic building blocks of our events to find out that we have a challenge ahead of us: . Have you had ANY thoughts about making it sustainable?

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4 Ways the Office Is Becoming More Sustainable


Many meeting professionals work in corporate office environments, so it’s good news the wave of sustainable practices in the office is more than just a fad, especially for younger employees. Seventy-six percent of those in that cohort believe that sustainability practices “are a must.”.

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TWT: Mask Lift Fallouts, Sustainable Travel

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Eric Feigl-Ding (@DrEricDing) April 4, 2022. GBTA Sustainability Survey. Global Business Travel Association (GBTA) has published its 2022 Sustainability Survey which unveils “barriers” that exist to getting to a more sustainable business travel model.

Are Zero Waste and Emissions Festivals a Testing Ground for Sustainability in Events?


The circular economy has been called the new paradigm in sustainability. According to Alexandre Lemille, managing director of Anthesis Group , a sustainability services company, the term circular refers to products that do not produce future waste or pollution either directly or indirectly.

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New Collaborative Course Offers Tips for Easy Sustainable Travel

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The best way to combat climate change is through large-scale action, which is where meeting professionals and WeTravel Academy’s new Sustainable Tourism course comes in. The Introduction to Sustainable Tourism course consists of ten short lessons taking a total of one hour to complete.

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How IMEX Frankfurt Answered Critical Questions for a Sustainable Event

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Of particular interest to many planners and attendees in 2022 is what can be done to account for and manage their carbon footprint. MeetGreen Director of Sustainability Eric Wallinger here and in photo at top. — IMEX (@IMEX_Group) May 5, 2022.

Sustainable Travel Made Easy with WeTravel’s New Course

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The free course in partnership with Tourism Cares discusses how to offset carbon emissions, find sustainable suppliers and offer equal opportunities for women. The “Introduction to Sustainable Tourism” course consists of 10 modules and takes a total of one hour to complete.

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10 Event Sustainability Ideas to Implement Right Now

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We tend to think of event sustainability in terms of large, sweeping efforts that require big budgets and run the risk of disrupting the attendee experience. So we broke down a mix of 10 b-to-b and b-to-c sustainability ideas to implement at your next event.

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Virtual Event Benefits You Need To Know in 2022


Clearly, virtual events are a key tool that’s helping the event industry at shaping and take charge of moving towards more sustainable formats of organising events. What is the best virtual event platform in 2022?

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WTTC Survey Assesses Cities’ Sustainable Tourism Growth

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Sustainability efforts are key to keep the travel and tourism train going. In a report by World Travel & Tourism Council and JLL, “ Destination 2030: Global Cities’ Readiness For Sustainable Tourism Growth ,” the two organizations take a look at the cities making tourism sustainable.

A Sea Change for Event Sustainability

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Monterey Bay Aquarium shares a customized sustainability report with clients who have events at the venue. I would find three-quarters of the event planners didn’t care about sustainable efforts and events. RELATED: Monterey Bay Aquarium’s Sustainability Efforts Cause Ripple Effect.

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Top Event Planning Tips 2022 With Gianna Gaudini

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Since she’s got such a wide range of knowledge, Karmen thought it would be a great idea to pick her brain about the best event planning tips for 2022. ” Event Planning Tips 2022: Let’s Talk ROI. ” Event Planning Tips 2022: Tell A Story!

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Real-world sustainable exhibiting from Quadrant2Design

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Sustainability has been a buzzword for the last few years. Yes it’s a modular system, but it can be customised to create the look of a custom-built stand , with the benefits and sustainability of a modular stand.

Endless Events Presents: The 2022 Event Trends Guide!

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Now that the celebratory dust has settled, it’s a great time to check out 2022 event trends. 2022 Event Trends Guide: What You’ll Find. The 2022 event trends guide covers nearly all aspects of the events industry: event technology, production, strategy, and more.

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sustainable london venues


earth day, celebrated annually on april 22, is a reminder to protect the environment, restore damaged ecosystems and live a more sustainable life. the barbican does a great deal for sustainability and is committed to reducing its environmental impact long term.

Top tips for running a sustainable event in 2022

Prestige Events Magazine

What is a sustainable event? Producing a sustainable event means promoting the use of resources in an efficient and responsible way. Why should you organise a sustainable event? Tackle sustainability in steps. Use a sustainable events checklist.

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7 Business Travel Trends Set to Shape 2022

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“Scarcity will be a critical issue for car rentals in 2022. This is just one of the things anticipated to drive change in business travel in 2022 and beyond. Sustainability Efforts Will Continue. Read More : Re-incorporating Sustainability into the Future of Meetings.

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Is renting wedding furniture a sustainable option in 2022?

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At the same time, there’s no doubt that we all need to live in a more eco-friendly, sustainable way. When it comes to wedding furniture hire, though, how sustainable is this? As well as being the most sustainable solution, wedding furniture rental is also the most cost-effective.

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5 Sustainable Event Practices for Your Attraction

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Sustainable event practices are more important than ever among an increasingly eco-conscious population. The post 5 Sustainable Event Practices for Your Attraction appeared first on Eventbrite UK. Event Management Event Planning Eventbrite sustainability Sustainable events

24 Sustainable Event Ideas for 2022

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Virtual Events Hybrid events Sustainable Events Educational GuidesGoing green isn’t just a trend.

New and Renovated: Urban Style and Sustainable Stays

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All 460 guest rooms have floor-to-ceiling windows and sustainable amenities, in line with the eco-friendly Element brand. . Sustainability is at the root of Element Philadelphia. The post New and Renovated: Urban Style and Sustainable Stays appeared first on Smart Meetings.

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6 Sustainable Approaches for Your Attraction


Follow these steps to plan a more sustainable event. The post 6 Sustainable Approaches for Your Attraction appeared first on Eventbrite Blog. Event Planning and Management Eventbrite Ideas Industry Trends June Swag Vendors Sustainability Venues

SheMeansBusiness: #EventTech Founders Are Ready For 2022 

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While the last two years have been nearly impossible to predict, there is a sense of cautious optimism about what 2022 will bring. . For event technology companies, 2022 is the year to growth. “It’s Blog 2022 event predictions 2022 event trends 2022 event tech predictions

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2Heads Global: Top 10 Sustainable Event Suppliers

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Sustainability in events is an extremely complex and multi-faceted subject which, faced as a whole, can seem daunting and expensive. Here’s a quick peek into the 2Heads SOS – Serious on Sustainability consultative approach: Discover.

How to Plan a Sustainable Event: The Ultimate Guide

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Whether you’re passionate about the environment or your attendees are asking you to up your eco credentials, knowing how to plan a sustainable event can be an important skill nowadays. The post How to Plan a Sustainable Event: The Ultimate Guide appeared first on Eventbrite UK.

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Trade Show Booths: 100 Best Ideas for 2022


Embrace Sustainability: Use Recycled and Recyclable Materials. Take the Green Challenge with a Sustainable Booth. Other businesses are doing what SCIB is doing by using fully sustainable and reusable stand materials. Fully sustainable exhibition stand at #IMEX18.

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Aggreko: Sustainably powering events

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Aggreko , the power behind any number of the UK’s biggest events, might not be the first company that comes to mind in the context of sustainability but, before too long, it could be. Event Operations Spotlight Featured Features Spotlights Sustainable Supplier Spotlights Sustainable Supplier

Five Ways World of Concrete Elevated its Event Sustainability Game This Year

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Sustainability is top of mind for a vast range of industries, and the commercial construction and masonry business is no exception. It comes as no surprise, then, that the yearly exhibition for the industry, World of Concrete (WOC), just completed its most sustainable event yet.

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6 Sustainable Approaches for Your Attraction


Follow these steps to plan a more sustainable event. Event Planning and Management Eventbrite Ideas Industry Trends June Swag Vendors Sustainability VenuesIf your event's trash bins are filled with water bottles, it could leave a bad impression on your green-leaning guests.