Creating Sponsorship Revenue for Virtual Events

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This is a guest post by Larry Weil, nationally recognized sponsorship expert and founder of The Sponsorship Guy, a sponsorship marketing agency. Resources and Tools Event Sponsorships Online EventsIn wake of the pandemic, many event brands are taking the steps to move online. Even if you’re one of the lucky creators who can pull it off and still make a profit, […].

Creating Year-Long Sponsorships & Establishing Partnerships

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In a chaotic world where the industry sees itself turned upside down at every turn, learning about year-long sponsorships becomes crucial. And this causes planners to not be as creative, forward-thinking, or successful as they could be within the scope of event sponsorships.


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18 Virtual Event Sponsorship Ideas


Sponsorships are a crucial part of monetizing virtual events — here's how to do it. The post 18 Virtual Event Sponsorship Ideas by Victoria Copans appeared first on [link]. Mastering the art of virtual events is more important than ever, with COVID-19 throwing a wrench in live events and travel plans around the world. Virtual events have been picking up in the last few weeks as eventprofs adapt […].

15 Virtual Event Sponsorship Ideas: Get Creative!

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Last week, we explained how to deal and package your virtual event sponsorships. And today, we continue, with a second article about virtual event sponsorship ideas. So keep reading to find out unique virtual event sponsorship ideas you can employ at your next virtual event! Let’s kick start these virtual event sponsorship ideas with event apps. There’s also room for sponsorship promotions here. Virtual Event Sponsorship Ideas: Conclusion.

8 Virtual Event Sponsorship Ideas


From sponsored sessions to virtual booths, discover the most popular virtual event sponsorship ideas for engaging virtual attendees and driving ROI. Virtual events are one the most popular event types for 2020 and they're swiftly becoming mission-critical for organizations and brands.

[WEBINAR] What a Difference Strategy Makes: Behind the Scenes of American Psychological Association’s 2020 Virtual

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The strategy behind not offering a virtual expo, but leveraging sponsorships for virtual engagement that can be extended to year-round. The post [WEBINAR] What a Difference Strategy Makes: Behind the Scenes of American Psychological Association’s 2020 Virtual appeared first on Velvet Chainsaw.

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A Guide To Virtual Event Sponsorships Part I: Deals & Packages

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So, let’s talk about virtual event sponsorships, shall we? As we all know, sponsorships have been the industry’s holy grail of revenue for years. They’re a safe way to ensure money is coming through the door, and planners have dedicated a fair chunk of their time to perfecting the art of negotiating good sponsorship deals. Sponsorships don’t live and die in the scope of in-person events! So keep reading to become a pro on virtual event sponsorships!

How to Write an Effective Virtual Event Sponsorship Proposal


Writing an effective sponsorship proposal is the key to standing out to your potential partners. Finding event sponsorships is one of the top challenges among event marketers. Crafting an effective virtual event sponsorship proposal is the key to winning sponsors.

How to Secure Event Sponsorship


Sponsorships are the lifeline that keeps the events industry sustainable. Over the last decade, event sponsorship has become the primary way in which events receive funding, products, and other services. Undoubtedly, the most lucrative form of sponsorship for event managers, the brands too gain a lot from these events. Why Event Sponsorships Are Valuable. revealed that in 2017, sponsorship spending in North America on events reached 23 billion dollars.

Sponsorships For Virtual Events: What Path Should You Take?

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Today we’re talking about sponsorships for virtual events! Because sponsorships and exhibitions are a huge source of revenue in the industry. Overall, is it even possible to create such a thing as sponsorships for virtual events? And he is one of the biggest sponsorship experts in the industry. “And seeing kind of also even an opportunity in the virtual sponsorships that they haven’t seen before. Just simply to unlock the sponsorship.

Teach Your Sponsors Well

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If you, as a conference organizer or meeting owner, think selling sponsorships at your event is just about those four to five days when thousands gather face-to-face, think again. It’s time to stop devaluing your events, said Kim Skildum-Reid, owner of Power Sponsorship , a firm that specializes in advising corporations and sponsor seekers about effective sponsorship, at a recent workshop. Kim Skildum-Reid of Power Sponsorship. Sponsorship is win-win-win.

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Tips for Virtual and Hybrid Event Sponsorships 


Guidebook apps not only benefit virtual attendees, but also enable you to provide valuable sponsorship opportunities to sponsors. Let’s look at how mobile event apps enable robust sponsorship opportunities. . Benefits of sponsorship at hybrid and virtual events.

Creating Sponsorship Revenue for Virtual Events


This is a guest post by Larry Weil, nationally recognised sponsorship expert and founder of The Sponsorship Guy, a sponsorship marketing agency. The post Creating Sponsorship Revenue for Virtual Events appeared first on Eventbrite UK. Business & Professional Event Sponsorship June Coronavirus COVID-19 event sponsor event sponsors Event Sponsorships online event sponsorship ideas sponsorship opportunities Virtual Events

How to Create Attractive Sponsorship Packages for Your Online Events


Just when you thought you’d cracked sponsorship for your events, the pandemic comes and suddenly, it’s time to rethink how to move this over to a virtual setting.

How To Use WiFi As An Event Sponsorship Asset

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Everybody gather ’round because we’re about to teach you how to use WiFi as an event sponsorship asset! And all of this by using WiFi as an event sponsorship asset. How To Use WiFi As An Event Sponsorship Asset – Video Transcription. And today we’re talking about how you can use wifi as an event sponsorship asset. So what I’m going to talk about is four really simple ways that you can turn wifi into an event sponsorship asset.

Virtual & Hybrid Event Sponsorship Webinar


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How going virtual can multiply sponsorship opportunities

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by Gaia Santoro, Head of the Sponsorship Unit, AIM Group International. Sponsorship professionals are encountering challenges in securing the same investment levels they were used to. Traditionally, a logo or banner placement on the event programme and other communication materials; sponsorship packages and a corporate booth in the exhibition area, usually satisfied sponsor’s needs. A question to conclude with: is it all about sponsorship strategic planning or is it not?

Virtual or Hybrid: 5 Tips for Structuring Sponsorship

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Before the COVID-19 pandemic, the events industry was doing fine: chugging along but not thriving. When the health crisis went global and the subsequent ban on gatherings wreaked havoc on the industry, we were forced to make some changes

Virtual Events: The 2020 Guide


Everything you need to know about hosting high-quality virtual events in 2020 and 2021. Virtual events have exploded in popularity due to the circumstances of 2020 — and we don't see this trend changing anytime soon. The average price for a paid virtual event in June 2020 was $254 USD.

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Sponsorship Opportunities for Digital Events

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How can digital events create sponsorship opportunities like the 2nd AAT-AD/PD Focus Meeting 2020 did (above)? Does anyone have any sponsorship benefit ideas you are offering for virtual conferences?” Event planners explored the topic in a recent PCMA Catalyst forum post. PCMA’s Catalyst community offers members a platform to ask each other questions, share ideas, or, as the website says, “communicate and collaborate.” Here’s a sampling from a recent Catalyst discussion.

What you need to know about Hybrid Events in 2020


But, above all, hybrid events increase the sponsorship value of a brand by bolstering exposure and creating new opportunities of brand awareness. The post What you need to know about Hybrid Events in 2020 appeared first on GEVME Blog.

2020 156

5 Innovative Sponsorship Benefits Your Event Can Offer


Logo placements aren’t enough to increase sponsorship revenue this year. To win more valuable brands, you’ll need to offer sponsorship benefits like these. The post 5 Innovative Sponsorship Benefits Your Event Can Offer appeared first on Eventbrite UK. February Resources and Tools Data and Reporting Event Sponsorship

The Ultimate Webinar Sponsorship Guide

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Sponsorships are another means to generate revenue without putting all the cost on your audience members and also create some partnerships with other companies that could benefit from sponsoring your webinars, the long term benefits are without understatement. But first, ask yourself this: Are Sponsorships Valuable to You? Sponsorships on Webinars, not unlike events, can be valuable to you. Not too many reasons would spring to mind when considering Sponsorships for webinars.

Solving for Pricing, Sponsorships, and Skills Challenges When Going Digital

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If they have a live meeting planned in 2020, Colangelo said, they see that they must take it down — like a house, brick by brick. As for pricing sponsorships: This appears to be the Wild, Wild West right now. Standups — or short meetings — can be a great tool for teams who are having to shift skills in order to meet the needs of digital event planning. As we move into May, the immediate future of live events remains uncertain.

Expos Don’t Work Well in a Virtual Environment

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Up Your Sponsorship Game. While these virtual expo predictions are sobering, conference organizers should be taking steps to diversify revenue by going all in with sponsorship. Create three sponsorship levels – Premier, Industry Champion, Collaborator. Virtual Expo Truths.

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10 Types of Sponsorship Packages Big Brands Love


To attract big brands, your event’s sponsorship packages need to stand out. The post 10 Types of Sponsorship Packages Big Brands Love appeared first on Eventbrite UK. Resources and Tools Event Design Event Sponsorships Ideas Livestreaming SwagHere's ten that will.

How To Build The Perfect Virtual Event Sponsorship Package

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?? The Best of the Best: Sponsorship Series: A Guide To Virtual Event Sponsorships Part I: Deals & Packages. More Sponsorship Ideas: 15 Virtual Event Sponsorship Ideas: Get Creative! ? Let’s talk about sponsorship deals and packages! Sponsorships have been the industry’s holy grail of revenue for years. Sponsorships For Virtual Events: What Path Should You Take? How To Use WiFi As An Event Sponsorship Asset. ??

Webinar: UBIT: How US Tax Rules Impact Virtual Exhibits and Sponsorships

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Attorney Paula Goedert will break down the current IRS regulation UBIT (unrelated business income tax) and how it applies to forced virtualization of exhibits and whether sponsorship rules offer a path forward to tax exempt revenue.

How Manny’s Moved Its People-Powered Meeting Place Online

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Stories and Interviews Artists and Talent Event Design Event Sponsorships Livestreaming Venues Passion and Profession Speakers and PanelistsEmanuel Yekutiel envisioned a people-powered meeting place with a rich social activism component. Then he built it. Manny’s soon became a vibrant venue on the busy corner of 16th and Valencia in the heart of San Francisco’s Mission District.

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ExpoPlatform at Event Tech Live 2020

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Event Organisers can also create new revenue streams at their events by building customised sponsorship packages for exhibitors and sponsors using ExpoPlatform. ExpoPlatform is a leading online networking and management platform for live, hybrid and virtual events.

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17 Ideas for Virtual Event Sponsorship Revenue

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But for many planners, there’s still one missing piece of the virtual events puzzle: Sponsorships. How do you generate event sponsorship revenue when the traditional methods are on-hold? Here are 17 valuable event sponsorship ideas for virtual events. Some of the valuable sponsorship opportunities are even before your online event starts. It’s a way to curate all your sponsorship content and important event links.

Virtual Conferences and Events: The 2020 Guide


Welcome to your guide on virtual events in 2020 and beyond. In the wake of the global coronavirus pandemic of 2020, many event professionals have shifted from leading events to navigating a crisis —including creating contingency plans to protect the health and safety of their attendees, sponsors, customers, and teams, finding new opportunities to repurpose event content, and taking courageous steps to see what the next era of events will look like. Sponsorship ideas.

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How to Deliver the Best Online Event Sponsorship Packages


When you’re hosting an in-person event, adding virtual delivery effectively doubles your sponsorship opportunities — so it’s certainly a smart decision for easy value-add. If your in-person event has been cancelled, and hosting online is now the only option, don’t fret — online delivery provides countless opportunities for online event sponsorship packages.

Virtual Event Sponsorship: How to price & structure sponsorship deals for online events?

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Most events hosted across the globe have only a finite revenue stream, sponsorship in most cases is the highest contributor to earnings that an event does. This posed a big question that every event organizer asks, which is, “ How do I structure sponsorship deals for virtual events? ” We’ll be covering the following topics: How to Evaluate Virtual Event Sponsorship? How to Evaluate Virtual Event Sponsorship? Thoughts about event sponsorships.

ELI Virtual Event Profile: CloudBees DevOps 2020

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CloudBees originally planned DevOps World 2020 for September 21-25, 2020, in Las Vegas. But the decision was made to make the 2020 virtual event registration free. Forty-nine sponsors paid to participate, with benefits varying based on sponsorship level.

2020 68

Virtual Event Sponsorship: 30 Ways to Drive Sponsor Revenue and Value


virtual events event sponsorshipKeeping sponsors on board as you transition to virtual and hybrid models for your events can be worrisome. But here at Hubb, we believe that this transition has created new opportunities for sponsors that will lead to more revenue and increased sponsor loyalty.


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This simply means platforms such as offline event management and online channels like an event planning app , need to cater to making a fantastic event sponsorship package. What a sponsorship package is, in essence, your pitch on why potential sponsors should choose to invest capital and associate with your event in comparison to a whole host of events occurring across the globe. So how do you go about building an event sponsorship package? The A La Carte Sponsorship Model.

Six Attributes of Successful Women’s Conferences

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The timing was right before the lockdown and a couple months before the 2020 social justice movement eclipsed. Sponsorship sends a loud and clear message that our company believes and supports the movement. [6] Women Lift Up Women.

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EventHack Hybrid Games: A New Playbook for Hybrid Meetings


Over seven weeks from September to November, teams pitched creative ideas to a rotating panel of judges on topics as diverse as audience engagement, sponsorship , networking , event flow and design. — Socio (@socioevents) November 23, 2020.

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Generating Sponsorship Revenue Throughout the Lifecycle of Your Event

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Generating sponsorship revenue is crucial to the success of your event, and the success of your organization. Discover how to develop a sponsorship strategy, the revenue power of event technology and pre-event, onsite, and post-event methods to generate dollars. You can’t sell something if you don’t have a credible sponsorship strategy. Download the full guide to generating sponsorship revenue before, during and after the event below.