Invest in Your Speakers to Grow Your Value Proposition

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Keynote speakers and main-room experiences are pivotal for bringing the community together and sharing key messaging, but attendees expect—and deserve—transformational learning (change in ideas, attitudes and behaviors) from curated, relevant and problem-centric educational sessions.

2020 Virtual Event Trends

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Who would have known that 2020 would go down as one of the most influential years- if not the most influential year- for virtual events in history? We surveyed hundreds of #Eventprofs to weigh in on the hottest virtual event trends for 2020.

2020 90

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The ultimate virtual event speaker brief

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So we have created the ultimate virtual event speaker brief. If you are an organiser who has never organised an online event before and you are worried about briefing your speakers then this article is for you! Our ultimate guide to briefing speakers to deliver virtual sessions.

The Ultimate Hacks For Successful Virtual Event Speakers

Sarah Christl

?? The Best of the Best: Engaging Your Audience: Virtual Event Speakers – The Ultimate Hacks For Success. One of the posts that I am sharing today is about speakers and the critical role that they play during events. Then, the first speaker takes the stage, and… they suck.

2020 107

Virtual Event Speakers: The Ultimate Hacks For Success

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You’re either a planner eager to learn how you can set your virtual speaker up for success, or you’re a speaker looking to be trained in the art of virtual presentations. For The Speakers. #1 In-person events already demanded that speakers be energetic and engaging.

2020 111

Top Tips for Preparing Your Presenters

Velvet Chainsaw

Make the Most of Your Speaker Prep Calls. Let’s focus on the third bullet point above, speaker prep. Other than one-on-one coaching (which we’ll delve into in an upcoming blog), session-planning calls can be the most effective way to prepare speakers.

2020 244

Speaker Engage Event Management Platform [Review]


Speaker Engage consolidates event planning tasks, speaker and sponsor curation, and communications in one place. Speaker Engage: What Is It? The post Speaker Engage Event Management Platform [Review] by EventMB Studio Team appeared first on [link].

2020 101

Are Your Speakers Speaking to Speakers?

Velvet Chainsaw

We refer to these conferences as meetings of speakers speaking to speakers. If your conference has the “speakers speaking to speakers” model, the primary avenue for growth has been to make room for more speaking slots or add to the poster-board footprint.

Top 2020 Event Conferences


Needless to say, 2020 is set to be another bar-raising year for event management professionals. Here’s a complete round-up of the ten best event tech conferences that you should be excited for in 2020. C2 Montréal 2020. 120 conferences with speakers from leading brands.

2020 93

National Association of Realtors Tackles Virtual Event Speaker Challenges

PCMA Convene

The speakers that had been invited to the meeting “are heavyweights with the CARES Act,” she said, “and all of our members are entrepreneurs and independent contractors and small business owners.”. Speaker Contracts.

2020 79

Event Summit 2020 – Free for event stakeholders!

Event Industry News

Originally scheduled for June 2020 as part of the Vivid Ideas program, the annual Event Summit was postponed as a result of measures introduced to control the spread of COVID-19. The full line up of speakers and partners will be announced on Tuesday 18 August.

2020 54

Top 99 keynote speakers every event planner must know about

Hubilo Blog

Why have a keynote speaker at your event? This where you need keynote speakers at your event or conference. Often event planners find it difficult to find an easy reference list of keynote speakers or guest speakers for various industry segments.

Top 98 keynote speakers every event planner must know about

Hubilo Blog

Why have a keynote speaker at your event? This where you need keynote speakers at your event or conference. Often event planners find it difficult to find an easy reference list of keynote speakers or guest speakers for various industry segments.

Beyond Pride Month: 16 LGBTQ Events to Check Out in 2020 and 2021


2020 marks the 51st anniversary of the Stonewall Riots, a key historical event for the LGBT rights movement in the US. Event Date: May 7, 2020 & 2021. Event Date: June 1 - 30, 2020 & 2021. Event Date: June 20, 2020. Event Date: June 20, 2020.

2020 108

Top 30 Conferences for Women in 2020


From tech to finance to media—here's a look at 30 of the best conferences for women in 2020. Here's a look at 30 of the best conferences for women in 2020. While this 2020 gathering has already happened, we suggest attending next year. WECode 2020. ATX 2020.

2020 110

Virtual Events 2020: The #1 List of Virtual Events and Conferences


The most authoritative list of 2020 virtual events and conferences on the internet. Virtual Events & Conferences in 2020. MARCH 2020 VIRTUAL EVENTS. March 4, 2020. DocuSign Momentum 2020. March, 4 2020. March 10, 2020. March 10-11, 2020.

2020 129

Podcast: Samuel Scott reveals best practices for keynote speakers

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Joining the podcast from Copenhagen, Denmark, was professional keynote speaker, Samuel Scott. Particularly if the speaker is not being paid, they will attempt to gain some benefits from the session by pitching their company or services.

Content Strategy for Virtual Events | 5 Lessons from Adobe Summit 2020

Marketo Events

Do: Be an advocate for your speakers. Don’t let your speakers be the low man on the totem pole of priorities. Overcommunication with speakers is the number one rule. If things are still in flux, your speaker should know that. Don’t: Only have internal speakers.

2020 115

7 Tips to Supercharge Your Venue Management Processes in 2020

Planning Pod

and are still booking up venue spaces for late 2020 and beyond. The post 7 Tips to Supercharge Your Venue Management Processes in 2020 appeared first on Planning Pod Blog.

2020 78

How to Manage Big Events Online: A Step by Step Guide for 2020


A virtual event can enable real-time networking between users, organizers, speakers, and administrators. The post How to Manage Big Events Online: A Step by Step Guide for 2020 appeared first on GEVME Blog.

2020 203

Getting the best value from your keynote speaker

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Director of Performing Artistes, Lauralee Whyte, shares her experience of getting the most from a keynote speaker. Keynote speakers will have their usual stock lectures and titles, and invariably one of these can be shoehorned into the overall theme.

Virtual Conferences and Events: The 2020 Guide


Welcome to your guide on virtual events in 2020 and beyond. Virtual events allow event organizers, speakers, attendees, and sponsors to interact remotely through a virtual environment. A strategic point of success for virtual events are delivering the most targeted content and speakers.

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Why Online Events Will Be The Next Big Thing In 2020

Hubilo Blog

What is the next big thing in 2020? . The biggest thing that can happen in the world in 2020 is Virtual Conferences – Online Events. Let’s understand various reasons in detail why virtual conferences – online events will be the next big thing in 2020.

2020 83

Talk to the world at Event Tech Live 2020

Event Industry News

With multiple stages, a truly global audience, physically and virtually, the biggest ever Event Tech Live (ETL) is calling for speakers representing the technology making, or about to make, a difference across the sector’s new look.

2020 78

35 Must Attend Events For Event Planners in 2020


We encourage every event planner to mark their calendars for the following 35 events and conferences in 2020. Learn from top speakers and network with your peers. The 2020 gathering will feature top speakers and networking opportunities. International Confex 2020.

2020 112

If You Build It, Will They Come? How Two Large Fall Shows Are Forging Ahead

Velvet Chainsaw

By attending, you will learn how to: Navigate complex decision-making and scenario planning processes with staff and volunteer leaders, speakers, partners and exhibitors. Speakers.

2020 292

The Top 7 Event Technology Trends of 2020


Check out these top 7 event technology trends to look for in 2020 and beyond as event planners continue to navigate a new world of virtual, hybrid, and in-person events. Event technology trends to look for in 2020. 30,000 attendees included English, Spanish and French speakers.

2020 98

Will Work for Goodwill

Velvet Chainsaw

At VCC, we were tracking to have a banner year in 2020. Speaker coaching for virtual engagement. Professional speaker recommendations.

2020 329

Hybrid Events: A Short-Term Solution or Long-Term Strategy?


Many of the more experienced tech teams, online speakers, moderators, hosts, and panelists are booking up well in advance. Are hybrid events a short-term solution to current conditions or a long-term shift in the events space?

2020 290

Monetizing Your Virtual Conference When Competing with Free

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As you select speakers or session leaders, you’ll want to get their commitment that the topic they are addressing at your conference hasn’t been presented elsewhere.

2020 307

Leading Through the Pandemic: Generosity + Empathy = Future Brand

Velvet Chainsaw

This is not the time to send out speaker approvals or invitations for your annual event if your content is based on submissions.

2020 354

5 Ways to Navigate a Speaker Panel


But choosing the speakers, moderator and even the discussion topic can be challenging. Too vague and it won’t peak attendees’ interest, and speakers may meander too much. The speakers were balanced, the moderator wasn’t overpowering or boring, and the audience was engaged and included.

Digital Event Design: 4 Realities of the ‘Wild West of the Speaker World’

PCMA Convene

TED is one of the many formerly face-to-face events lining up speakers, such as Susan David, for their digital programming. I’ve been working with speakers at events for more than 20 years, and this almost feels like an entirely new job,” Tim Mathy, partner at Speak Inc.,

2020 82

On stage at Event Tech Live 2020

Event Industry News

The world’s leading event technology expo, Event Tech Live, will be back at the Old Truman Brewery for its seventh edition in November 2020. It’s great to be shaping ETL 2020.

2020 80

How to Create an Engaging Virtual or Hybrid Event With The EventMobi Platform


The EventMobi solution will help you promote your event and register attendees, manage all content including documents, Livestream and Video on Demand, and keep speakers, attendees and sponsors engaged and informed from anywhere in the world.

2020 195

How to entwine content and connection during an online conference

Conferences that Work

Would love to hear from planners about how we might better integrate the ‘content designers/speakers’ into the engagement conversation. How can we entwine content and connection during an online conference?

2020 170

Event Technology Awards 2020 Meet the Judges: Scott Cullather

Event Industry News

From unpredictable weather conditions to a poor WiFi singal or a keynote speaker falling ill at the last minute, there are so many moving parts at play – many which, unfortunately, are often out of our control.

2020 67

Virtual Events Will Be Key in 2020  – Here’s How to Transition Yours 


Encourage attendees to tweet out their takeaways or snap selfies of themselves enjoying speaker sessions. Choose Engaging Speakers. This is why it’s so important to choose speakers you can captivate an audience online.

2020 114

How to Prepare for a Hybrid Event Future 


This person assembles the necessary team to address any and all issues connected to the event: venue, F&B, content, speakers, entertainment, AV, registration, marketing, sponsorship and exhibiting, just to name a few. They troubleshoot for technical issues for both speakers and attendees.

2020 79

2020 Event Trends – How Will the Industry Evolve?

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Just like that, we blinked and it’s time to talk about the 2020 event trends. This year we stepped it up and surveyed hundreds of #Eventprofs to weigh in on the hottest trends for 2020. Instead, we’re bringing you a curated list of the top event trends for 2020.

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