Call for Speakers: What Do Event Professionals Need to Know This Year?


BizBash is looking for a diverse group of speakers who can [link] are the hot topics in events this year?

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2019 Event Trends: Predictions from 23 Event Experts


Learn about the biggest event trends that will dominate the space in 2019 from experienced industry professionals. A recent report on 2019 event trends shows that events are more effective for achieving business goals than ever before. Wrapping Up: Your 2019 Event Trends Predictions.

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The Tension Between Content And Process In Facilitated Conference Learning Experiences

Velvet Chainsaw

Then advisors, volunteers and staff review applications to select the content and speakers for their event. Instead of offering content as solutions, speaker-facilitators offer tools so that individuals and groups can collaboratively co-create their own solutions.

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CES: Tech trends #EventProfs should watch in 2019

Event Industry News

Several brand new products see the light of day for the first time at CES, and 2019 saw its fair share of jaw-droppers. So what do #EventProfs need to know about the show that attracts business and thought leaders from around the world, and what tech should you be watching in 2019?

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#EventIcons 2019 Sneak Peek – #EventIcons Episode 146

Endless Events

Today we are giving you an exclusive sneak peek into our 2019 #EventIcons show line up. What do you want to see from #EventIcons in 2019? And now for the main topic in the episode below, #EventIcons 2019 Sneak Peak!

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Event technology how things haven’t really changed

Gallus Events

speaker management platforms. (This post and the slides are taken from my session at the UK Association Congress which took place in London in December and covered event technology. I’ve amended it to make it more general and this post relates to every type of events business).

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Event Budgeting: The 2019 Guide for Event Marketers


In this guide we'll look at tips, best practices and examples for creating a reliable event marketing budget in 2019 and beyond. Speakers. The speakers will also be a very important and significant part of the event budget. Speakers.

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Find and Secure Memorable Event Speakers With This Free Template


Your ability to find and secure event speakers is crucial to your success. Choose your speakers wisely and they will add their credibility and reputation to your event. But finding and securing speakers for events is not always easy.

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New Year New Tech: What You Will Need to Get 2019 Started Right

Expo Pass

New Year New Tech: What You Will Need to Get 2019 Started Right. It’s hard to believe we are almost halfway through January, and it’s almost even harder to believe that we are living in the year 2019! 5G may turn out to be the Big Thing for 2019 , as smartphones were in 2007.

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How to Design an Event Sponsorship Package


Promote your sponsors’ speakers to encourage session attendance. Event Sponsorship Package Basics. Sponsors are a crucial source of revenue for events, so make sure that you are able to offer competitive and valuable event sponsorship package options.

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Favorite Tools Of The Year – #EventIcons Episode 145

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Today we are reflecting on 2018 and discussing our hosts favorite tools for event profs from the past year. In this episode of #EventIcons our hosts Will Curran, Brandt Krueger, Tahira Endean, and Alex Plaxen will share all about their favorite tools for event profs.

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The 1 Big Idea Worth Stealing from Day 4 of PCMA Convening Leaders

Smart Meetings

Choose Speakers Wisely. The final day of PCMA Convening Leaders at David L. Lawrence Convention Center in Pittsburgh was the exclamation point on the message that business event strategists can and should be a force for good in the world. “No

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2 Ideas Worth Stealing from Day 1 of PCMA Convening Leaders

Smart Meetings

PCMA has become known for lining up top speakers—this year, Convening Leaders added author Seth Godin and actor Geena Davis to the mix—and sessions that speak to the problems that keep planners up at night—“turning sponsors into partners” and “managing risk in a complex world” come to mind.

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Heard Around PCMA Convening Leaders 2019

PCMA Convene

PCMA Convening Leaders 2019 kicked into high gear Jan. We sell the way it makes us feel to be in the room, to be part of something, to be seen.” — Seth Godin, author and marketing guru, on how speakers and sessions on a conference program are not the real reason people register for an event.

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4 Crucial Steps to Making a Positive First Impression

Smart Meetings

While the featured speaker at your conference may only be on stage for 40, 60 or 90 minutes, as a meeting professional, you are most likely “on stage” throughout the entire conference.

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ETL Replay: How to make money from live streaming your event

Event Industry News

Speaker: William Thomson, Events Consultant, Gallus Events. Event Tech Live will return to London in November 2019, follow the official hashtag #ETL19 on social media to keep up-to-date with show news. Event Tech Live is Europe’s only show dedicated to event technology.

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Win at Negotiating AV Services with Hotels

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Hotel Tech Technology amplifiers audio budget contract contracting data electricians equipment hotel in-house insurance markets microphones negotiating PA podiums presentations projectors resource Speakers supplier systems technicians technology timing vendors venues visual wi-fi

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4 Steps to Implementing a Balanced Security Plan

Smart Meetings

One day, a venue may be hosting a well-known speaker who attracts a large crowd. The next day, it could have several lesser-known speakers dispersed throughout the showroom floor.

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Inspired to Take Action, Events Executive Gives Back

PCMA Convene

8 at Convening Leaders 2019. When Anthony Prusak returned to his Cleveland home from PCMA Convening Leaders 2019 in Pittsburgh last week, he still was thinking about what he’d heard at the annual conference. Nadya Okamoto speaks Jan.

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How Much Does Event AV Cost – Whiteboard Wednesdays 9

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to buy a camera or a speaker, then likely the AV company is charging you 10% of whatever the cost is to buy it. For example, um, if you’ve bought a Chanel speaker, that might be a great sounding speaker that lasts a long time, is very durable.

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3 Tech Trends to Watch in 2019

PCMA Convene

Danny Stevens , CEO of fielddrive , was asked about the top event trends for 2019 during a session at IBTM World. For more on 2019 forecasts, read what trends Convene editors expect to make waves this year

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Do You Know The Best Ways to Increase Event Attendance?

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If you are promoting an event that has taken place in the past, she says, “Tell the story of the speaker, tell the story of an exhibitor, a sponsor, or even past participants. Stephan also suggests creating content about what the speakers will be talking about at the upcoming event.

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20 Kansas City Event Venues Your Attendees Will Love


There's plenty of room to host a large event and the main stage and high end sound system can accommodate everything from world renowned speakers and international touring musicians to CEO end-of-year speeches. Discover the 20 best event venues in Kansas City.

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Leading event software Aventri and AI ChatBot Technology Sciensio team up

Event Industry News

Of course, attendees, sponsors and speakers have different priorities. Event professionals can enrich the attendee experience, while saving time and money, thanks to new capabilities announced today by Aventri and Sciensio.

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What’s Trending in Business Event Technology

PCMA Convene

We asked: “What’s the one technology trend you are keeping your eye on in 2019?”. In 2019, we see event tech and digital marketing tech colliding. Convene editors used a hight tech process to ask tach experts at Convening Leaders what is trending in business events technology.

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20 Impressive VIP Event Ideas


Coming in 2019, the newly renovated amenities and suite additions give VIPs every imaginable comfort for their game-viewing pleasure. Even if you don’t plan to include a celebrity, industry experts and influencers make great speakers for any event.

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Memphis’ Creative Works Conference Noted for Speaker Gender Equality Strides

PCMA Convene

American Institute of Graphic Arts has highlighted the Memphis creative conference for its strides in the gender equality of its speakers. The Daily Memphian. Daily Memphian ). Read More. News Junkie Places & Spaces

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7 Tips On Writing An Event Report

Hubilo Blog

It would also be helpful to get some quotes from key people attending the event — may be the key speaker at the event or some of the key people that came to the event. Documenting the results that we achieve is very important as a way to compare our past results with our current ones.

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Gauging Return on Events


Thought Leadership Workshop: If you invite a VIP speaker to share thought leadership content with your clients, how do you calculate its value? Gauging the return on your events can be complex.

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The Future of Flex


We have already seen over 7,500 events created, including our own 2019 Cvent CONNECT! There are still some Flex features that our product team is working to release in 2019. Speaker Scheduling. 2019 Flex Roadmap.

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4 Ways to Promote Your Event with Live Streaming


While you wonder what’s in store this year, check out this video of last year’s keynote speaker!”). Whether you’re producing a comic con, a wine festival, or a concert, one constant rings true: today’s fans and attendees of live events are always hungry for content.

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The Mixer: Jennifer Hoff

Connect Your Meetings

It turned out to be a conference speaker coordinator position. During the interview process, I thought that meant I would be organizing audiovisual speakers and answering the questions to that angle. Jennifer “Jen” Hoff, president of Taffy Event Strategies, a full-service trade show and management company in Arlington, Virginia, says she loves the “melting pot of skills and personality” it takes to make the show happen.

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Event Marketing Plan Template


Any vendors or speakers to tag. Your event deserves to have a killer promotion plan. But it’s not always easy to know where to start. Your marketing plan should begin right when event planning begins. The two go hand in hand.

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First Kent Wellness Festival to launch at Kent Event Centre

Event Industry News

The event is being organised by White Sky Events and is to take place on Saturday 13 th and Sunday 14 th July 2019. White Sky Events hopes to attract 5,000 visitors across the two-day festival to enjoy speakers, workshops and demonstrations, a day spa, practical classes and catering. The Kent Event Centre is to host the first Kent Wellness Festival.

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Andrew Sykes: Think of Your Event as a Person

PCMA Convene

Andrew Sykes will speak at Convening Leaders 2019 about the habits of magnetic human beings. I would say that the events team, including the speakers as part of that events team, have a set of habits, and it’s those habits that determine the personality of the event for participants.

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Organizing Knowledge-Based Corporate Events: Learning from EO Mumbai’s Recent Event

Hubilo Blog

This was perhaps one of the most utilized solutions on the day of the event whereby attendees could engage with the session and the speaker by asking questions in real-time which were then answered by the speaker.

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5 Most Common Event-Planning Mistakes

PCMA Convene

Then, research entertainers and guest speakers to check their availability and once you’ve selected speakers, book them as soon as possible. Strategist Jen Anderson shares tips on how to avoid costly errors. Jen Anderson.

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45 Things That Can Go Wrong at Events


Speaker gets stuck in traffic. Speaker drops out last minute. Speaker content is poor (offensive, not funny, dry, etc.). The speaker goes over time. Attendee/staff/speaker flights get delayed.

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The importance of audience analysis – Design Thinking Camp’s case


Having done a proper target audience analysis, organizers are able to provide workshops focusing on the areas of attendees’ interest, invite adequate speakers and plan activities that will let their audience fulfill personal event goals. Events that take place year by year can be surely named a great success. However, it’s easy to forget about the importance of audience analysis and checking on the target audience’s needs before every edition.

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How to properly set event marketing goals and objectives?


A post shared by Red Bull (@redbull) on Jan 7, 2019 at 3:25pm PST. Speaker. As a speaker, you have the undivided attention of your listeners – people who voluntarily chose to participate in your lecture. This is the main advantage of being a speaker. The moment after the speech is also important for the speakers in terms of working toward determined goals. A step-by-step guide to help you set and achieve your event marketing goals.

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Why You Need Talk Triggers: Creating Customers with Word of Mouth

PCMA Convene

After all, when is the last time you told a friend about an adequate dining experience or a so-so keynote speaker you heard at a conference? Host a “Meet the Speakers” reception. Daniel Lemin.

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Experiential Marketing: 100 Inspiring Examples (2019 Edition)


It’s all about the experience these days: attendee experience, speaker experience, user experience, and especially experiential marketing. The post Experiential Marketing: 100 Inspiring Examples (2019 Edition) by EventMB Team appeared first on [link].

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The Bizzabo Product 2018 year in Review - You asked, we built


The main areas we focused on were: - Boosting audience engagement directly from the agenda - Increasing the discoverability of sessions and speakers, - And providing actionable insights to aid marketers in maximizing the success of their events. Cheers to 2019! They say great products are built by great customers. In 2018, we made this vision our #1 priority and reality, by releasing core, innovative product features based on customer feedback.

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