Best Event Management Conferences 2019


When you’re in the events industry, you should know the main event management conferences for 2019 so you can visit them to improve your knowledge and share your own experiences of working long hours while trying to pull off amazing corporate events for your clients. February 2019.

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Creating an Agenda for Event Speakers


To run an event successfully, you need to prepare a good event program and an event speaker’s agenda—a schedule or protocol for speakers about what they will say and how they will act on the stage, etc. Reasons to create an agenda for event speakers.

How to Get Speakers to Use Live Polling and Q&A


A base station would pick up the votes and feed them into the speaker’s laptop, where a plugin for PowerPoint would compile them and display them on the main screen. Share insights with your audience on the spot to engage them further and give feedback to your speakers right away.

9 Standout Keynote Speakers to Watch


Booking keynote speakers is a high-impact event decision that’s loaded with risk. 9 Keynote Speakers You Want at Your Event. Lisa Bodell Speaker Reel. Here’s a classic post from Seth with tips for event professionals who hire speakers – The Secret of the Five Top.

Using Instagram to Advertise Your Event in 2019


Do you have your keynote speakers finalized and ready to be announced to the world? The post Using Instagram to Advertise Your Event in 2019 appeared first on EventMobi Since Instagram is a picture based platform, it is the perfect place to advertise your event.

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9 Tech Tools Professional Speakers Should Master


Standing out as a professional speaker is about more than just presenting good info. Speakers today are charged with a lot of interactive and social media […]. The post 9 Tech Tools Professional Speakers Should Master by Evenium appeared first on [link].

Any questions? Rethinking traditional Q&A

Conferences that Work

Event design conversation discussion fishbowl fishbowl sandwich lectures participation presentation Q&A questions speakerHow often have you heard “Any questions?” ” at the end of a conference session?

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How to Make Event Speakers


At the end of the day, the success of an event or meeting depends largely on the delicate relationship between event planners and speakers. At first, an event planner and a speaker get to know each other to see if there is any interest.

Five New Event Planning Trends to Watch in 2019


The new year is well under way, and all of us in the event space are watching out for the new trends that’ll continue to influence our work throughout 2019. of respondents cited “shrinking budgets” as a concern in 2019 – the highest response rate out of any concern reported.

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Find and Secure Memorable Event Speakers With This Free Template


Your ability to find and secure event speakers is crucial to your success. Choose your speakers wisely and they will add their credibility and reputation to your event. But finding and securing speakers for events is not always easy.

Call for Speakers: What Do Event Professionals Need to Know This Year?


BizBash is looking for a diverse group of speakers who can [link] are the hot topics in events this year?

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How to find the best event app in 2019 for me?


As an example, if one of your drivers is to eliminate paper costs then make sure that that you have all the materials digitized and uploaded it to the event app including speaker notes, presentations and other supporting materials. The post How to find the best event app in 2019 for me?

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EMPOWER NYC 2019 was an incredible event with over 100 attendees and 20 speakers—all focused on highlighting diversity, inclusion, and the power of in-person connections. Our speakers shared many interesting insights about marketing, personalization, and event success.

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Meet Four Speakers from EMPOWER NYC


In a recent study we analyzed event data from thousands of events over the past five years and discovered that the nearly 70% of speakers at events are male. Get to know a few of these speakers below. For more information on our speakers and content, check out the EMPOWER agenda.

Speaker Presentation Tips to Get a Standing Ovation


In a world where the newest BuzzFeed quiz beckons or time is ticking down to the next HQ Trivia question, event speakers find themselves struggling to get and keep attendees’ attention. The post Speaker Presentation Tips to Get a Standing Ovation appeared first on Evenium Blog.

2019 Event Trends. What to keep an eye out for


Based on my personal experience and the know-how of our event planning partners, I’ve put together a list on what we at Oveit expect to be the 2019 event trends. Let’s have a meaningful and successful 2019. Families with small children – one of the 2019 Event Trends.

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Keynote speakers announced for The Meetings Show

Event Industry News

A digital pioneer and former SAS operative have been named as the keynote speakers at The Meetings Show 2019. The show’s education programme will open with a fascinating talk from Colin Maclachlan, star of Channel Four’s reality drama ‘SAS: Who Dares Wins’ and Channel 5’s ‘Secrets of the SAS’.

How to Hire a Speaker for Your Event


When planning a corporate event, like a conference or seminar, choosing the right speaker is key. Decide what you need the speaker for, then follow these tips to hire a speaker for your event. Your budget can narrow down your options for speakers.

Event Branding: The 2019 Guide


Learn how to craft a solid and consistent event brand that will wow sponsors, attendees and partners in 2019. In this guide we will take a look at everything you need to know about event branding in 2019 and beyond.

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Backlash to All-Women Speaker Lineup at Science Conference

PCMA Convene

Today, on International Women’s Day, we look at one conference that recently came under fire for going too far in trying to make up the difference — by featuring only women scientists as speakers. We just wanted to show it is possible to have 100-percent women speakers,” she said.

8 Technologies That Will Make Events Stand Out in 2019


Not only do I believe this trend fully materialized, I believe it continues to grow in importance today, in 2019. I’ll keep watching this one as we move into 2019, though I’m not as optimistic as I was in 2015. 3 New Event Trends for 2019.

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40 Must-Attend Customer Success Conferences in 2019


Searching for the best customer success conferences to attend in 2019? In 2019, customer success is a big deal. And the conference is highly rated by past attendees, earning a 90% or greater approval rating for its speakers and its ability to boost careers. May 7, 2019.

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Whats New for April, 2019


The post Whats New for April, 2019 appeared first on rsvpBOOK Blog.

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Looking into the Future of Event Tech

Velvet Chainsaw

While there are many associations that successfully process meeting registrations using their AMS, there are very few that have a highly integrated exposition- or speaker-management system.

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2019 Event Trends: Predictions from 23 Event Experts


Learn about the biggest event trends that will dominate the space in 2019 from experienced industry professionals. A recent report on 2019 event trends shows that events are more effective for achieving business goals than ever before. Wrapping Up: Your 2019 Event Trends Predictions.

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Women Speakers Light Up the Room


If you’ve recently attended an event and sensed unique anticipation in the air as the speaker took the stage or experienced a renewed sense of excitement and purpose as the keynote engaged the audience, chances are, that speaker was a woman. Finding a Woman Speaker.

20 Must-Attend Machine Learning Conferences in 2019


Below, we've listed 20 of the top machine learning conferences in 2019. So without further ado, here are the top 20 machine learning conferences in 2019: 1. Start Date: June 9th - June 15th, 2019 in Long Beach, California. Start Date: May 6th - May 7th, 2019 in Munich, Germany.

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2019’s Biggest Event Tech Trends

Endless Events

Below you can watch Will Curran of Endless Events , Alex Plaxen of Little Bird Told Media talk all about their favorite 2019 Event Tech Trends at GOWEST. We will expand on each of these 2019 event tech trends and how you can implement them in more detail in the article below but you can’t miss this presentation! We have seen AI on countless event trends lists by now, so why is it a 2019 event tech trend? So there you have it, our top 2019 event tech trends.

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Guest Blog: The top event technology trends for 2019 — According to 27 event experts

Event Industry News

By Tom Pick of G2Planet. When you ask more than two dozen top events industry professionals for their insights on technology trends, the answers (no surprise) are fascinating.

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30 Must-Attend SaaS Conferences in 2019


In this article, we'll explore the top 30 SaaS conferences happening in 2019. The 2019 gathering expects to receive more than 170,000 attendees all gathering to listen to keynote speakers and participate in the 2,700 breakout workshops that will be offered. March 7, 2019.

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2019 Event Trends Webinar: Recap


Discover what leading marketers from INBOUND and SEMrush are planning and predicting for 2019. The Biggest Trends of 2019. You can also watch the 2019 Event Trends video for the full discussion. Going into 2019, how do you plan on measuring ROI?

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2019 Blockchain Events: The #1 Guide To Blockchain Conferences


Discover blockchain events and conferences happening throughout the world in 2019 and beyond. This directory aims to help you find the right blockchain event to attend in 2019 and beyond. 2019 Blockchain Conferences. February 2019. March 2019. April 2019.

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The Most Influential Event Tech Trends for 2019 & Beyond – Part 2

Let’s continue with the blog titled The Most Influential Event Tech Trends for 2019 & Beyond which you probably came across a couple of weeks back. This trend is expected to boom massively in 2019 and in the years to come. EventTech 2019

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TOP 25 best marketing conferences in Europe to attend in 2019


2019 is here with its event calendar full of the best marketing conferences waiting for you to attend them. To make your choice easier, below you will find out the list of TOP 25 marketing events in Europe to consider in your 2019 attendance calendar. 1 Marketing Insights Event 2019.

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Event Roadshow Planning: The 2019 Guide


This guide is full of examples, case studies and best practices for planning an event roadshow in 2019—and beyond. One of the biggest event trends of event of 2019 is the event roadshow. Looking to take your event on the road?

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The Lucky 7 Guide to Choosing Event Speakers: Part 1


When your prospective corporate event guests are evaluating which events to attend, the destination and quality of networking certainly matter. But the single most important factor is the value of the education, the content you will deliver. Industry Observations What Goes on at an Event

Whats New For March, 2019


The post Whats New For March, 2019 appeared first on rsvpBOOK Blog.

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First Smart Meeting of 2019 Raised the Bar

Smart Meetings

The first Smart Meeting of 2019 was on Jan. Marin is excited to greet you in the stunning penthouse @FairmontSF for the first Smart Meeting of 2019. — JT Long (@SmartMtgsJT) January 22, 2019. — SmartMeetings (@SmartMeetings) January 23, 2019.

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Q&A with Adrian Segar on Crowdsourcing

Conferences that Work

This (slightly edited) interview by JT Long appeared in the March 2019 issue of Smart Meetings Magazine. I invented the format by accident 26 years ago when there were no expert speakers to invite for a conference on administrative computing issues in small schools.

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Heard Around PCMA Convening Leaders 2019

PCMA Convene

PCMA Convening Leaders 2019 kicked into high gear Jan. We sell the way it makes us feel to be in the room, to be part of something, to be seen.” — Seth Godin, author and marketing guru, on how speakers and sessions on a conference program are not the real reason people register for an event.

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