How to Write a Speaker Bio That Will Attract Attendees

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If speakers contribute to the draw of your event, then their bios are essential components of your promotion. Fact is, it’s not enough to simply include educational and background information and point people toward your speaker’s latest projects.

Are Your Speakers Speaking to Speakers?

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We refer to these conferences as meetings of speakers speaking to speakers. If your conference has the “speakers speaking to speakers” model, the primary avenue for growth has been to make room for more speaking slots or add to the poster-board footprint.

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Creating an Agenda for Event Speakers


To run an event successfully, you need to prepare a good event program and an event speaker’s agenda—a schedule or protocol for speakers about what they will say and how they will act on the stage, etc. Reasons to create an agenda for event speakers.

How to Get Speakers to Use Live Polling and Q&A


A base station would pick up the votes and feed them into the speaker’s laptop, where a plugin for PowerPoint would compile them and display them on the main screen. Share insights with your audience on the spot to engage them further and give feedback to your speakers right away.

Best Event Management Conferences 2019


When you’re in the events industry, you should know the main event management conferences for 2019 so you can visit them to improve your knowledge and share your own experiences of working long hours while trying to pull off amazing corporate events for your clients. February 2019.

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Managing Speaker Info Overload

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Mahoganey Jones presents at PCMA EduCon 2019 in Los Angeles. Readers of PCMA’s Catalyst forum are offering advice about speaker confirmation and information emails. Speaker Engagement. “I’m registration, speaker portal, and accommodations. Looking for Compelling Speakers?

rsvpBook Speaker Management Portal


rsvpBook is proud to announce the addition of the Speaker Manager to the Event Organizer toolbox. In addition to being able to see what workshops your speakers are currently assigned to, you also get some powerful new features for the day of your event.

Call for Speakers: What Do Event Professionals Need to Know This Year?


BizBash is looking for a diverse group of speakers who can [link] are the hot topics in events this year?

9 Standout Keynote Speakers to Watch


Booking keynote speakers is a high-impact event decision that’s loaded with risk. 9 Keynote Speakers You Want at Your Event. Lisa Bodell Speaker Reel. Here’s a classic post from Seth with tips for event professionals who hire speakers – The Secret of the Five Top.

Find and Secure Memorable Event Speakers With This Free Template


Your ability to find and secure event speakers is crucial to your success. Choose your speakers wisely and they will add their credibility and reputation to your event. But finding and securing speakers for events is not always easy.

Does Your Speaker Agreement Include These 3 Things?


Without a doubt, booking a speaker can take your event to the next level! This is the agreement that is securing both you and the speaker throughout the process, after all. event planner speaker agreement contract

How to introduce an event speaker


A concise and compelling event introduction can have a really positive impact on an audience, which is why it’s so important for event organisers to prepare and practice in advance of welcoming a guest speaker onto the stage.

How to Pitch Your Target Speakers


For most planners, speakers and presenters are a huge part of the puzzle. It can be a challenge to find and book the perfect match for your event, so we’ve outlined seven steps you can take to pitch to your target speakers. What attracts people to events?

Top Tips for Preparing Your Presenters

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Make the Most of Your Speaker Prep Calls. Let’s focus on the third bullet point above, speaker prep. Other than one-on-one coaching (which we’ll delve into in an upcoming blog), session-planning calls can be the most effective way to prepare speakers.

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Event Tech Live 2019 Preview


Another new addition to 2019 is an entire hall dedicated to event marketing. All the stages will host top keynote speakers who will present content-rich talks or partake in panel discussions with industry peers. eventtech 2019 conference etl Event Tech LiveEvent Tech Brief is a proud media sponsor of Event Tech Live.

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How to Make Event Speakers


At the end of the day, the success of an event or meeting depends largely on the delicate relationship between event planners and speakers. At first, an event planner and a speaker get to know each other to see if there is any interest.

New Study: Almost Two-Thirds of Professional Event Speakers Are Male


The report analyzed the gender diversity of more than 60,000 event speakers over a seven-year period, from 2013 to 2019. Almost Two-Thirds of All Event Speakers are Male. 69 percent of all speakers were male, while 31 percent were female, making it the least diverse of the three.

PCMA EduCon Los Angeles 2019

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PCMA EduCon took place in Los Angeles in June 2019 and I was lucky enough to be asked to mentor the attendees of PCMA’s Homeless Hackathon and to present a session on online events. . Slides from my session at PCMA EduCon 2019.

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How to Work with Your Conference Speakers Effectively

Tito Blog | An Event Blog for Organisers

Conference speakers are the backbone of every event. In this post, some of our customers at Tito have shared how they work with speakers to help you learn some new ways to involve them for their benefit and for the benefit of your events. I treat all my speakers the same.

9 Strategies to Finding Great Speakers for Your Events

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Are you having trouble finding speakers for your events? Finding these types of speakers can be a daunting task with the amount of information out there. Speakers can be representative of your event and association and can be the most vital part of your event.

Best Career Advice of 2019


According to informal research done by motivational speaker Thom Singer, 70 percent of people are not realizing their full potential. The post Best Career Advice of 2019 appeared first on Smart Meetings.

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How to use your speakers to better market your event

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Conferences, exhibitions, brand activations, seminars, workshops – we employ speakers for a wide selection of events. Speakers can present you with a broader reach and wider engagement. Ask your speakers to remember to tag your company or ‘check-in’ to your event.

What True Learning Is at Participant-Centered Conferences

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In contrast, speaker-centric conferences emphasize subject matter experts and their knowledge. Speakers are often rapid-fire and try to cover too much content, causing participants to reach a cognitive load limit.

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Interview with speakers & organisers at TSEA Event 2019


Informa plc is pleased to announce that after hugely successful runs of The Special Event USA and the Middle East Special Event Show, The Special Event Asia 2019 (#TSEA19) will be launching its Asia’s edition from 18-19 November 2019 at Resorts World Sentosa, Singapore.

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13 Sites to Source Quality Conference Guest Speakers

Tito Blog | An Event Blog for Organisers

Sourcing conference guest speakers can be quite the challenge, especially if you’re trying to reach out to as diverse a pool of potential presenters as possible. On the site you’ll find 480 speakers to choose from (at time of writing). 3) Great Black Speakers.

Using Instagram to Advertise Your Event in 2019


Do you have your keynote speakers finalized and ready to be announced to the world? The post Using Instagram to Advertise Your Event in 2019 appeared first on EventMobi Since Instagram is a picture based platform, it is the perfect place to advertise your event.

Five New Event Planning Trends to Watch in 2019


The new year is well under way, and all of us in the event space are watching out for the new trends that’ll continue to influence our work throughout 2019. of respondents cited “shrinking budgets” as a concern in 2019 – the highest response rate out of any concern reported.

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6 Event Highlights from ASAE Annual Meeting & Exposition 2019


EventMobi attended this year’s 2019 ASAE Annual Meeting & Exposition in Columbus, Ohio. In fact, that was the main theme of ASAE 2019. The speakers, Jeremy Heimans and Henry Timms, also kept the pace up. Related Resources: [Blog] How to Find the Best Event App in 2019. The post 6 Event Highlights from ASAE Annual Meeting & Exposition 2019 appeared first on EventMobi.

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Prepping Industry Speakers Using Video Conferencing

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Author Ritu Bhasin presents a session at PCMA EduCon 2019. Let’s focus on speaker prep. Other than one-on-one coaching, session-planning calls can be the most effective way to prepare speakers.

Meet Four Speakers from EMPOWER NYC


In a recent study we analyzed event data from thousands of events over the past five years and discovered that the nearly 70% of speakers at events are male. Get to know a few of these speakers below. For more information on our speakers and content, check out the EMPOWER agenda.

Any questions? Rethinking traditional Q&A

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Event design conversation discussion fishbowl fishbowl sandwich lectures participation presentation Q&A questions speakerHow often have you heard “Any questions?” ” at the end of a conference session?

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6 Budget-Saving Tips for 2019: Maximize Your Event Budget, Not Your Spend


Thankfully, with a few savvy budget-saving tips, you can run a successful, professional event with minimum event budget costs in 2019. Say there’s an international event speaker that will guarantee those registrations come rolling in. You don’t have to break your event budget in 2019 .

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3 Innovative Ideas From Collision 2019 to Improve Your Event Experience Design


Over the course of three days this May 2019, entrepreneurs, tech moguls, venture capitalists, and all sorts of other innovators from across the world gathered at the Enercare Centre in Toronto, Canada.

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Why switching to active learning is hard — and worth it

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A September 2019 research study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences clearly illustrates why switching to active learning is hard — and worth it! Superstar lecturers and motivational speakers.

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Speaker Presentation Tips to Get a Standing Ovation


In a world where the newest BuzzFeed quiz beckons or time is ticking down to the next HQ Trivia question, event speakers find themselves struggling to get and keep attendees’ attention. The post Speaker Presentation Tips to Get a Standing Ovation appeared first on Evenium Blog.

How to Hire a Speaker for Your Event


When planning a corporate event, like a conference or seminar, choosing the right speaker is key. Decide what you need the speaker for, then follow these tips to hire a speaker for your event. Your budget can narrow down your options for speakers.

2019 Event Trends. What to keep an eye out for


Based on my personal experience and the know-how of our event planning partners, I’ve put together a list on what we at Oveit expect to be the 2019 event trends. Let’s have a meaningful and successful 2019. Families with small children – one of the 2019 Event Trends.

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How to Choose the Right Speakers for Your Conference


Event Planning

Best Event Management Software of 2019

Planning Pod

Communications – For event collaboration and communication via email and text messaging among team members, contractors, vendors and speakers as well as with attendees. Speaker and Presenter Management. Summary: Learn about what event management software tools to look for.

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7 Tech Trends We Saw in 2019


New products that feature a 360-degree camera and speaker, and intelligence systems that use voice and facial recognition, let remote attendees feel as though they’re right in the room. The post 7 Tech Trends We Saw in 2019 appeared first on Smart Meetings.

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