Best Event Management Conferences 2019


When you’re in the events industry, you should know the main event management conferences for 2019 so you can visit them to improve your knowledge and share your own experiences of working long hours while trying to pull off amazing corporate events for your clients.

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Top 14 Best Event Planning Apps for 2019 to Use Right Now


Event managers often seek useful apps for event planning because their work significantly helps and simplifies their difficult working routine. We’ve decided to compile a selection of useful applications for event organisers of different types. What is event planning software?

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The 2019 Guide to Event Marketing

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Event marketing draws on the same principles and strategies as other types of marketing. Use this guide to event marketing to discover the best way to market your event. The post The 2019 Guide to Event Marketing appeared first on Eventbrite US Blog.

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The Top Challenges Facing the Events Industry in 2019

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At this point in a new year, your event management resolutions are faltering. Old challenges — and some surprising new ones — have already made you question your goals for your event’s growth in 2019. In fact, we surveyed more than 1,200 event professionals across the […].

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A Practical Guide to Measuring Event Success

Can you measure event ROI? 3 in 5 marketers can't. Learn how with this free ROI model

Event Budgeting: The 2019 Guide to Master Your Event Budget

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Event budgeting can be tough, especially if you hate working with numbers. Here’s how to master your event budget in 2018. The post Event Budgeting: The 2019 Guide to Master Your Event Budget appeared first on Eventbrite US Blog.

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How to find the best event app in 2019 for me?


The paradox of choice – Too many event apps. Did you know that there are over a hundred different types of event apps currently available in the market? Typically, having a lot of choice is great, but with this much choice, the life of an event planner gets much more complex!

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New Data: How Event Marketing Will Change in 2019

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As the events industry heads into a new year, the market for live experiences shows no signs of slowing down. This thriving economic climate is great news for events looking to grow — but it also means that promotion and marketing are more important than ever to make your experience stand out.

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How 500 Nonprofits Are Fundraising With Events in 2019

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It’s time to build your nonprofit’s fundraising plan for 2019. But in your rush to create an airtight fundraising plan, it can be very easy to overlook a critical factor: what other nonprofit events are doing. Fundraising Fundraisers Nonprofit Events Pulse Report

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New Event Forecast: Stable Growth in 2019

Smart Meetings

A decade after the 2008 recession, the industry appears to be stable, with steady growth on the horizon according to a new report from American Express Meetings & Events (M&E), a division of American Express Global Business Travel (GBT). percent increase in demand expected in 2019.

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How to Use Social Media to Improve Your 2019 Events

Smart Meetings

Will 2019 be the year you leverage social media to make your events safer, more compelling and downright fun? Smart Meetings contacted Sharlet Brennan, a content marketing consultant and president of Brennan Communications, for tips on how to leverage all that traffic for events.

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Key Factors How the Era of Mobile Event Apps Shapes Events. Infographics.


To provide a smooth experience for attendees, event planners might consider creating mobile versions of event web pages and adding push notification campaigns to their event marketing plan. The post Key Factors How the Era of Mobile Event Apps Shapes Events.

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4 Emergency Preparedness Lessons from ADMEI 2019

Smart Meetings

Whether it is hurricanes, fires, live shooters or picketers, most event professionals will eventually find themselves in the situation of putting into action emergency measures developed with the hope that they would never be used. Related : ADMEI to Focus on International Impact in 2019.

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2 Advanced Pricing Strategies Event Planners Need in 2019

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Ticket sales are the biggest source of revenue for 70 percent of event professionals. But if you’re not pricing those tickets well, you could jeopardize your event’s success Price your event too high, and it could prevent you from selling enough tickets to fill your venue. The post 2 Advanced Pricing Strategies Event Planners Need in 2019 appeared first on Eventbrite US Blog. Event Planning & Promotion Event Promotion Ticket Pricing

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Budget Increases Are on the Rise in 2019

Smart Meetings

Fifty-six percent of respondents in Eventbrite’s annual Pulse Report said that recruiting attendees for events was one of the top three most challenging part of the planner job in 2018. Event tech continues to grow rapidly. A majority (53 percent) of event planners used mobile apps.

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2019 Event Trends. What to keep an eye out for


Based on my personal experience and the know-how of our event planning partners, I’ve put together a list on what we at Oveit expect to be the 2019 event trends. Let’s have a meaningful and successful 2019. New sponsors can be interested in your events.

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8 Technologies That Will Make Events Stand Out in 2019


Back in 2015, I introduced five trends I expected would have a major impact on making events stand out. Did mobile event apps, iBeacons, event analytics, interactivity, or gamification have the impact I’d predicted they would? Mobile Event Apps.

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Event Branding: The 2019 Guide


Learn how to craft a solid and consistent event brand that will wow sponsors, attendees and partners in 2019. Features event branding ideas and tips from leading brands. When people think of your event, what do they think of? What Is Event Branding? Event Apps.

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2019 Event Trends: Predictions from 23 Event Experts


Learn about the biggest event trends that will dominate the space in 2019 from experienced industry professionals. A recent report on 2019 event trends shows that events are more effective for achieving business goals than ever before. Values-based events.

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2019’s Biggest Event Tech Trends

Endless Events

Event tech trends are evolving faster than ever before. These giant leaps forward impact and shape the way we execute and plan events. The event tech trends we are listing today are being used everywhere at events and behind the scenes in planning. Below you can watch Will Curran of Endless Events , Alex Plaxen of Little Bird Told Media talk all about their favorite 2019 Event Tech Trends at GOWEST. Event Automation. Hybrid Events.

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Automate Your Event Management Workflow with Zapier

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Ever found yourself wishing for an extra staff member to handle tedious event planning workflows? The post Automate Your Event Management Workflow with Zapier appeared first on Eventbrite US Blog. Event Planning & Promotion Eventbrite Event Tech Zapier

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Top 14 Audio Visual Trends for Events for 2019


More information about Event Manager Blog’s sponsored posts. The post Top 14 Audio Visual Trends for Events for 2019 by Aria AV appeared first on [link]. This is a case study sponsored by Aria AV. When it comes to technology, the landscape is always shifting.

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The Facebook Live Team’s Top 6 Tips for Event Creators

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The post The Facebook Live Team’s Top 6 Tips for Event Creators appeared first on Eventbrite US Blog. Event Planning & Promotion Event Promotion Event Video Facebook LiveYou’re backstage before the show when you see your headlining band horsing around.

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Event design in 2019

Event Industry News

As technology maintains its seemingly unstoppable march and the millennial generation officially becomes the largest demographic at work, 2019 promises to deliver a year of transformation for event design, but also of opportunity. Event Sommeliers.

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Cyber Privacy One of Top 10 Hospitality Trends of 2019

Smart Meetings

Privacy has become the top necessity for event planners, according to a new report from Benchmark Resorts & Hotels. More : 8 Hotels Boosting Guest Experiences in 2019. How else will attendees access all the mobile features now being created for even the smallest event?

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The Ultimate Venue Guide 2019

Event Industry News

Following its launch last year, Event Industry News is proud to unveil the second edition of The Ultimate Venue Guide. The free to access resource showcases the very best venues across the globe, giving organisers an inspirational insight to a range of exciting and dynamic event spaces.

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Free-Agent, Lisa Block, Joins Velvet Chainsaw

Velvet Chainsaw

Lisa will join our team just in time for opening day – April 2, 2019 – as Executive Vice President, Conference Strategy & Design. Lisa is one of the most respected, innovative and experienced event strategy professionals in the majors.

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5 Creative Facebook Live Ideas for Your Event

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Live video tells rich, intimate stories, making event-goers feel like they’re part of the action — which is why Facebook Live has become a standout format for reaching all types of attendees. The post 5 Creative Facebook Live Ideas for Your Event appeared first on Eventbrite US Blog.

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2019 Event Trends Webinar: Recap


Discover what leading marketers from INBOUND and SEMrush are planning and predicting for 2019. In January, we discussed the future of events with Elijah from INBOUND and Aleksandra from SEMrush. During the discussion we covered: The Power of Events. Event ROI. Event ROI.

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Five New Event Planning Trends to Watch in 2019


The new year is well under way, and all of us in the event space are watching out for the new trends that’ll continue to influence our work throughout 2019. of respondents cited “shrinking budgets” as a concern in 2019 – the highest response rate out of any concern reported.

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6 Tips From SurveyMonkey to Increase Your Event Survey Responses

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You’ve just wrapped a major event. Did your attendees get as much out of the event as you think they did? Surveys tell you exactly what attendees loved about your event and what you can […]. Event Planning & Promotion Event Survey SurveyMonkey

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2019 Event Marketing Opportunities from a CEO’s Perspective


We are in 2019 and event marketing has not slowed down yet, in fact, it looks to be ramping up according to the newest data from last year. CEO Event tips and best practices ROI Event Intelligence Event Feature Featured Compliance

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3 Tips for Landing Sponsorships in 2019

Smart Meetings

The good news is that sponsorship spending is forecast to surpass other forms of marketing and advertising in 2019, according to an IEG report. But with increased spend, there will be that much more pressure on convention organizers to make sure their events are appealing to brands.

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Online Event Registration: Tips for 2019


How do you optimize for online event registration? What are some tips you can use to improve your event registration numbers this year? Find out how to supercharge all areas of your online marketing plan and boost registrations in this practical event registration guide.

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Create a Foolproof Event Strategy Plan With This Template

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With so many details on your plate, sitting down to write an event strategy plan probably sounds like more busy work. But if your entire team isn’t crystal clear on your event strategy, the lack of alignment will waste more time than you realize.

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The Top Event & Experiential Marketing Trends for 2019


Despite January coming to a close, trends are still top of mind for today's meeting and event planners and marketers. Event Technology featured

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TOP 25 best marketing conferences in Europe to attend in 2019


2019 is here with its event calendar full of the best marketing conferences waiting for you to attend them. The attendance at industry events can help you keep up. There are many benefits of regular event attendance. Top 25 best marketing conferences in 2019.

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EventMobi Best Practices: How to Get the Most Out of the Agenda Feature in Your Event App


Your agenda is arguably one of the most important areas of your event app because it allows you to share critical details about event sessions and activities. Here are five ways to get the most out of your event app agenda: 1. Best Practices Event App Features

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How to Start an Event Planning Business: The Vital Steps

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Thinking about starting your own event planning business? The post How to Start an Event Planning Business: The Vital Steps appeared first on Eventbrite US Blog. Event Planning & Promotion Event Logistics Event Planning Event Staffing

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Event Life Cycle: Before, During & After an Event

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The major stages of event planning have stayed pretty much the same over the past decade — but the technology and planning itself? The post Event Life Cycle: Before, During & After an Event appeared first on Eventbrite US Blog.

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2019 Preview: What to Expect From the Year’s Notable Events


From highly scrutinized events such as the Oscars and the Super Bowl, to events that continue to get bigger each

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2019 Preview: 10 Most Anticipated Chicago Venues for Meetings and Events


Looking for a new venue for your next event? Here are the most anticipated Chicago restaurants, corporate event venues, hotels

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Dinner seating — a study

Conferences that Work

Event design dinner men only round tables rounds seating seating designStudy this 1839 dinner seating layout. What’s wrong with this picture? Read the full article at Conferences That Work The post Dinner seating — a study appeared first on Conferences That Work. No related posts.

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