The 2019 Guide to Event Marketing: Strategies, Ideas, and Examples

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Whether you’re interested in coordinating smaller networking events or large corporate events like conferences, creating an event marketing strategy has serious benefits for your business.

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The 2019 Guide to Event Marketing

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Event marketing draws on the same principles and strategies as other types of marketing. Use this guide to event marketing to discover the best way to market your event. The post The 2019 Guide to Event Marketing appeared first on Eventbrite US Blog.

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Best Event Marketing Tools


Promotional tools for event marketing are powerful assistance for your event marketing. They help to save time and efforts during the event promotion. Reasons to use event marketing tools. Top 12 best event marketing tools for 2019.

How to Measure Event Marketing Success


Knowing how to measure event marketing success has long been a key factor in determining the degree of success of any event or enterprise. The development of event technology has led to new and more effective ways to monitor ROI. Reasons to measure event marketing success.

New Data: How Event Marketing Will Change in 2019

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As the events industry heads into a new year, the market for live experiences shows no signs of slowing down. The post New Data: How Event Marketing Will Change in 2019 appeared first on Eventbrite US Blog. Event Planning & Promotion Event Planning Pulse Repor

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How to Create an Event Marketing Plan


For the development of an event business, you need a good marketing plan. The right marketing plan for an event usually identifies your target audience and how you will attract new customers and keep them organising events with you over and over again.

The Event Marketing Lifecycle: When You Can Sell the Most Tickets

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It would be great if you could plan your event advertising strategy based on what you wish would happen with your ticket sales — but you know that wishes don’t mean much in this industry. Instead, base your strategy on real results from events like yours.

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Event Marketing Trends For 2019 (And Why Businesses Should Care)


2018 was another milestone year in event marketing, especially when it came to spending and event technology. According to AMEX : Event Marketing featured

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10 Guerrilla Marketing Ideas for Event Organizers in 2019

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Looking for guerrilla marketing ideas? The post 10 Guerrilla Marketing Ideas for Event Organizers in 2019 appeared first on Eventbrite US Blog. Event Planning & Promotion Event Marketing Event Tips Experiential Marketing

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How to Measure Event Marketing Performance and ROI


Events are often one of the biggest marketing expenses. According to Event MB , 85% of event planners use event registration software, 61% use event marketing tools, and 54% use survey tools. Attaching Metrics to Event Goals. In-event surveys.

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2019 Event Marketing Opportunities from a CEO’s Perspective


We are in 2019 and event marketing has not slowed down yet, in fact, it looks to be ramping up according to the newest data from last year. CEO Event tips and best practices ROI Event Intelligence Event Feature Featured Compliance

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Event Marketers Are Ignoring the Power of Video—Here’s How to Catch Up


Video ads are one of the most potent tools in a marketing arsenal. So why do so many event marketers ignore it? According to a 2018 Animoto report on social video trends, 93% of business score new customers from video marketing on social media.

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Event Marketing in 2019: The Definitive Guide


There are seemingly a million ways to go about event marketing. In fact, depending on your role in your organization, event marketing can take quite a few forms. When it comes to events, promotion is key. What is Event Marketing. Email Marketing.

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11 Promotional Tools for Event Marketing


Are you looking to drive event registration? What about maximizing your event marketing campaigns? Event Marketing Event Technology featured

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Top 14 Best Event Planning Apps for 2019 to Use Right Now


Event managers often seek useful apps for event planning because their work significantly helps and simplifies their difficult working routine. We’ve decided to compile a selection of useful applications for event organisers of different types. What is event planning software?

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Event Marketing: This is How it Will Work for Your Brand


Event Marketing

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Event Marketing: The 2019 Guide


Welcome to your guide to event marketing in 2019 and beyond. Below you'll find best practices on selling out your event, leveraging event data and more. What Is Event Marketing? Why Is Event Marketing Important? Types of Events.

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The Future of Event Marketing [Free Report]


A lot has changed since we published the first edition of The Future of Event Marketing. Events have become the most popular marketing strategy for 2019, with a surge in event experiences and fall in event marketing through organic social media.

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7 Corporate Event Marketing Ideas That You Should Try This 2019


When it comes to marketing your brand and creating awareness, nothing beats a live event. Event Marketing featured

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2019 Event Marketing Benchmarks and Trends


Learn what 1000+ marketers have to say about the events industry in this landmark report. Featuring insights on event marketing budgets, tactics, team sizes, technology and more. This year, we decided to launch the largest report on professional events yet.

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2019 Event Marketing Statistics, Trends and Data


Get ready for the most comprehensive list of event marketing statistics, event management statistics and event planning statistics on the internet for 2019 and beyond! There is no doubting the power of live events. Top Event Statistics. Event Planning.

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23 Event Marketing Statistics You Need to Know


When it comes down to it, so much of event planning—and specifically event marketing —relies on crunching numbers. In fact, the lifeline of your event might just depend upon it. That’s why we’ve collected some statistics to help you in the process of your event marketing.

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5 Event Marketing Strategies to Focus on in 2019

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Convene asked a handful of mdg’s in-house experts for resolutions to inspire your event marketing campaigns in the coming year. The marketing landscape is changing at such a rapid pace that we’re all operating in uncharted territory. Many events aim to attract international attendees but struggle to do so cost-effectively. This will help you to draw their attention to the content and features of your event that will be of specific interest to them.

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How To Ace Event Marketing


Event marketing is the phenomenon that creates value for everyone that is involved in the process of organising and hosting an event. The post How To Ace Event Marketing appeared first on Townscript Blog. Event Management Event Marketing Event Planning Event Promotion audience engagement event marketing event planning podcast social media

6 Budget-Saving Tips for 2019: Maximize Your Event Budget, Not Your Spend


Whether you’re a B2B or B2C brand, there’s no doubt that events offer a bounty of benefits. In fact, 77 percent of marketers use experiences and events as a core part of their marketing strategy. But, as any marketer will tell you, events come with a price tag.

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WEC 2019 Wrap Up: Gamification, Networking Events, & More


Aventri was onsite helping planners optimize their meetings and events, and noticed that not only did WEC focus on teaching attendees how to create shared experiences during their events, WEC also exceeded any attendees expectations. Event Marketing Travel & Hospitality featured

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Successful Email Subject Lines for Event Invitation Letters


I faced this event email subject lines prob lem 4 years ago when I just started my career in marketing. Luchia, my marketing manager, gave me a task to create, don`t really remember, I think, 15 different event invitation letters, that we were going to send over by email.

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3 Innovative Ideas From Collision 2019 to Improve Your Event Experience Design


Over the course of three days this May 2019, entrepreneurs, tech moguls, venture capitalists, and all sorts of other innovators from across the world gathered at the Enercare Centre in Toronto, Canada. How can you incorporate this into your event experience design?

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Event Budgeting: The 2019 Guide for Event Marketers


Is your event budget setting you up for success? In this guide we'll look at tips, best practices and examples for creating a reliable event marketing budget in 2019 and beyond. The many moving parts of a live event strategy are bound together by the event budget.

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The Event Marketing Lifecycle: When You Can Sell the Most Tickets


It would be great if you could plan your event advertising strategy based on what you wish would happen with your ticket sales — but you know that wishes don’t always come true! Instead, base your strategy on real results from events like yours.

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5 Tech Trends to Elevate Your Event Marketing Efforts


When it comes to marketing and staying ahead of the curve, companies everywhere are expanding their marketing budgets to take advantage of the plethora of technology at our fingertips. One space that is taking a huge leap in terms of technology is in event marketing.

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Five New Event Planning Trends to Watch in 2019


The new year is well under way, and all of us in the event space are watching out for the new trends that’ll continue to influence our work throughout 2019. of respondents cited “shrinking budgets” as a concern in 2019 – the highest response rate out of any concern reported.

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Event Marketing Plan Template


Your event deserves to have a killer promotion plan. Your marketing plan should begin right when event planning begins. After all, without a great promotion strategy, no one will know about your event. Fill it out to create the best marketing plan yet! .

7 Fears Event Marketers Need to Overcome

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I asked Maggie Stevens, senior account director at mdg, to share her insights for embracing a courageous event-marketing attitude. Fear of Collaboration — Great marketing doesn’t happen in a vacuum. We are living in the most analytic-driven period in event marketing.

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How Event Marketing Will Change in 2019

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As the events industry heads into a new year, the market for live experiences shows no signs of slowing down. Eventbrite. Eventbrite ). Read More. News Junkie Places & Spaces

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Why Should Event Marketers Care About the Demand Unit Waterfall?


There’s no question that Account-Based Marketing (ABM) is a hot topic this year. The strategy—which involves deep alignment between Marketing and Sales teams to better target, nurture, and convert your most valuable accounts—has been around for a while, but is finally seeing its heydey in large part because of technology that facilitates team alignment and personalization at scale. Event Intelligence Partnerships

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10 ½ Creative Event Marketing Ideas to Drive Ticket Sales


You have countless event marketing options. The thought of spending your marketing budget for nothing sends you into a panic spiral. The post 10 ½ Creative Event Marketing Ideas to Drive Ticket Sales appeared first on Eventbrite UK Blog.

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9 Trends Driving Experiential Marketing in 2019


Knowing how powerful experiences can be to foster meaningful relationships, marketers have begun to host experiential marketing events to help companies build these connections with their audiences. Event Management Event Marketing featured

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atEvent Collaborates with Marketo to Extend Account-Based Marketing Capabilities to Event Marketing


ATEVENT COLLABORATES WITH MARKETO TO EXTEND ACCOUNT-BASED MARKETING CAPABILITIES TO EVENT MARKETING. With this integration, atEvent deepens its relationship with Marketo to provide customers seamless post-event lead syncing and automated personalized follow-up.

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2019 SXSW schedule - the top sessions for event marketers


We’re gearing up for SXSW 2019 and looking forward to our time in Austin. After browsing sessions in the SXSW schedule from the Brands & Marketing track, Experiential Storytelling track, Tech Industry & Enterprise and more, we’re ready to plan our time in Austin.

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