7 Huge Event Planning Trends Spotted at MPI WEC 2018


After spending the past week at MPI WEC 2018 (one of the largest annual gatherings for meeting professionals), I experienced what it’s like for an organization to pull out all the stops to create a truly memorable experience for events planners (who have seen and done it all). To pull this off at your event, seek out local speakers, vendors, artists, teams, and performers so attendees can experience local delights without having to leave the conference.

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7 Tips to Keep Your Event Speakers Coming Back


G2 Crowd is the leading website for online business software and service reviews, where Event Mobi ranks as a High Performer on the Summer 2018 Mobile Event Apps Report. Event speakers are essential to a successful event marketing strategy. And, for attendees to learn, they need someone to learn from, aka — your speaker! When sharing her event management tips, Cathy stresses the importance of relevant and engaging speakers, saying, “Speakers are critical to the event.


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The perfect speaker briefing

Gallus Events

There is a direct correlation between how well a speaker is briefed and how good the conference will be. So how do you design the perfect speaker briefing? How are you briefing your speakers. Over half of those have been conferences (or smaller content led events like seminars and workshops) but I don’t often talk about my role as a speaker. How an organiser briefs a speaker will be one of the most important elements of any conference.

How To Choose The Right Speaker For Your Next Conference

Picatic by Eventbrite

Would you like a keynote speaker that is engaging, inspirational and entertaining, while being knowledgeable in their field and relevant to your audience? There are many things to consider when looking for a speaker for your next event. The post How To Choose The Right Speaker For Your Next Conference appeared first on Picatic Event Planning Blog. Helpful Event Tips branded events event marketing event speaker events guest post Speaker

28 Rewarding Speaker Gift Ideas


##abovethefold## Give your speakers a little something extra with some of these thoughtful gift ideas to show your appreciation. Don’t just give your speakers another paperweight, consider offering them something more meaningful that doesn’t have to cost a lot. Excellent speakers can be a big motivator to attracting attendees and those that work hard on […]. The post 28 Rewarding Speaker Gift Ideas by EventMB Team appeared first on [link].

Top 3 Highlights from IMEX Frankfurt 2018


On May 15th – 17th, 2018, 9,000 visitors and 3,500 exhibitors from all over the world mixed, mingled, and discussed some of the hottest trends in the industry. The pioneer event impressed with an all-female cast of speakers, and a diverse and inspiring range of perspectives ranging from finance and HR to space exploration. Kerstin Wünsch (tw tagungswirtschaft) with speakers Nicola Baumann (German Bundeswehr) and Laura Winterling (Space Time Concepts GmbH).

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Adrian Segar Speaker Tips Interview

Conferences that Work

workshop for Dutch professional moderators, I was interviewed by Otto Wijnen about speaker and presentation tips for making presentations more effective by incorporating active learning. presenting speaker tipsAfter a one-day Participate! Apart from a brief introduction and closing in Dutch, the 13-minute interview is in English. Read the full article at Conferences That Work Related posts: Participate! The key to successful 21st century conferences Attend Participate!,

WomenPresent to reverse speaker gender disparity

Event Industry News

Inspired by the lack of female voices at industry events and conferences, WomenPresent , a new tech platform, has launched to connect public and private event organisers with the wealth of talented female speakers that exists. On average only 30% of speakers at industry events are women, according to the IPA. The post WomenPresent to reverse speaker gender disparity appeared first on Event Industry News.

Can a conference speaker measure audience interaction?


There are different triggers that assist in the completion of this task, for instance, an expressive speaker or a physical trigger. This trick assists the speaker in guaranteeing a smooth flow of communication with the participants. The post Can a conference speaker measure audience interaction? Events are meetings which have an exceptionally high level of professionalism. Though too much formality may create monotony.

5 Easy Steps to Prepare Your Event Speakers for an Interactive Session


An easy way to achieve this is to introduce live polls or allow attendees to submit questions to the speakers through an event app. However, this approach means you have to get buy-in and prepare your event speakers on how to execute these tools. Depending on the speaker’s familiarity with these event app features, there may be some resistance in adopting the tools as an additional way to further engage the audience. Step 4: Communicate Best Practices to Your Event Speakers.

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Your Conference Speaker Outreach Checklist

Eventbrite UK

Conference-goers are willing to travel far and wide for the right speaker lineup. But finding and securing conference speakers isn’t always easy. Securing speakers is a lengthy process. The post Your Conference Speaker Outreach Checklist appeared first on Eventbrite UK Blog. It takes time and patience to build a relationship with candidates and get their commitment. But there are steps you can take to lay the groundwork for […].

Our Favorite Events From 2018 – #EventIcons Episode 137

Endless Events

Today our hosts are sharing their favorite events from 2018 with us. Great sessions and some really funny speakers. Check out the epic resources mentioned in this episode: Live From IMEX 2018 – #EventIcons Episode 135 A special episode of #EventIcons from IMEX 2018. This is one of our favorite episodes of the year! If you follow #EventIcons you know our hosts travel the world and see so many epic events.

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Our Best Tips to Finding Engaging Conference Speakers

Endless Events

We all want to create an event that is full of uniquely engaging conference speakers, but how do we do that? Most events no longer want basic conference speakers. A speaker standing in front of the crowd talking at them with slides is no longer enough. When you find an engaging conference speaker, you are finding someone that will connect with your attendees from the beginning to the end. Below you will learn: What makes for an engaging speaker.

18 Event Trends Poised to Shake Up Hospitality & Group Business in 2018

Social Tables

Using a combination of research and survey data, we’ve rounded up the 18 most important trends set to hit planners, hotels and venues in 2018. Make sure you’re working with your clients to host diverse panels that include a multitude of voices and perspectives at the speaker’s podium. Because in 2018, consumers will want to experience the venue as much as the event itself. Bringing in local speakers or musicians. In 2018, they’re poised to become the norm.

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Five Reasons to Change Conferences

Conferences that Work

Here’s my article “ Five Reasons to Change Conferences “ , published in the December 2018, NSA Speaker magazine. Sue, Event design 2018 connection December just-in-time Learning lectures NSA Speaker magazine peer conferences social learningOUTSIDE IN Five Reasons to Change Conferences Peer sessions provide greater connection around content The most important reason people go to conferences is to usefully connect with others around relevant content.

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10 Event Tech Trends for 2018

Hubilo Blog

With the technology industry at its peak, 2018 has also seen a lot of updates in event tech trends that have gained widespread acceptance and are expected to last and grow further in the coming years. are allowing attendees to actively communicate with fellow attendees, organizers, speakers, etc. The post 10 Event Tech Trends for 2018 appeared first on Hubilo Blog.

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Real Results, Real Impact: EventMobi Celebrates GMID 2018


The event app also helped their speakers engage with their audience through products such as polling and Q&A. The post Real Results, Real Impact: EventMobi Celebrates GMID 2018 appeared first on EventMobi. Today is Global Meetings Industry Day (GMID), which is an annual event that brings together leaders from across the meetings and events industry. It’s a time when event professionals can showcase how their events have helped shape the world we all share.

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Opinion: Your Event Speaker is Not an Entertainer


Jamie Metzl is a technology futurist and geopolitical expert, novelist, entrepreneur, media commentator, and senior fellow of the Atlantic Council

Listen Up! Smart Meetings’ Top Webinars of 2018

Smart Meetings

This year, Smart Meetings provided webinars by an amazing group of speakers. Here are some of the top picks for 2018. Smart Meetings’ Top Webinars of 2018 appeared first on Smart Meetings. Career Tips & Tools 2018 advice artificial ask attendee best career contact event experts financial future hear intelligence lawyer learn legal listen management maturity networking new risk skills Speakers Tips tools top webinars

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2018 Event Marketing Trends

Endless Events

2018 event marketing trends point to video becoming this year’s content marketing juggernaut. Three Event Trends to Boom This 2018. This 2018, events are seen to better bring out the unique personalities of the audience, featuring intersections between various passions and ensuring everyone can experience occasions in a unique way. This is definitely one of the 2018 event marketing trends to watch! Must-Go-To Conventions for #EventProfs This 2018.

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Planning The Perfect Incentive Travel Event: Learnings from APSC 2018

Hubilo Blog

If I were to share an ideal incentive travel event that we’ve attended that provided useful learning that can be shared with event professionals, it would be the Ancient Paints Sales Conference 2018. APSC 2018 was an incentive event held for Asian Paints’ employees. 18 zones had participated in the Asian Paints Sales Conference 2018 which was then divided into two groups. For e.g. the event was consistent with the Football World Cup 2018. .

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8 Event Speakers Who Can Draw a Millennial Crowd


Millennials and Gen Z audiences crave authenticity and innovation in their interactions—and know how to leverage social media to get

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Admission 2018: Some Key Quotes from Our Speakers and a Thank You

Tito Blog | An Event Blog for Organisers

For those of you who couldn't join us, Admission was an intimate event featuring seven speakers who shared their triumphs and challenges from several collected decades in events. In September, we hosted our inaugural conference, Admission , in Chicago. We wanted to bring together event organisers in the hope of sparking conversations through shared experiences. Having worked with organisers for some time now, we saw an opportunity to provide them with a platform to meet in person.

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How to Book the Perfect Keynote Speaker


You’ve been working on your event for 6+ months — you’ve put in countless hours getting the venue locked down, the schedule finalized, speakers scheduled, the production design perfect. The day comes around and you wait in anticipation for your keynote speaker to step on stage. You want to make sure that your speaker sets the right tone for the whole event. Include a multiple-choice question with a handful of keynote speaker topics. Is there a speaker fee?

Questions speakers should ask planners

Plan Your Meetings

Over the years, from various sources I have collected questions that many meeting professionals would welcome hearing from speakers, either those whom they have booked or with whom they are considering booking. (CC) While meeting professionals certainly could develop these FAQs in advance, in can be much more comforting to encounter speakers who have the wherewithal to ask. Here are questions that I would like speakers to ask planners.

Try New Event Ideas For 2018: Create a Roadshow, Book Underrated Venues, Create a Unique Event Experience

Endless Events

As we kick off 2018, we’re excited to discover a lot of new event ideas for 2018 to energize our event planning. Get Ready for the Top Meeting Trends in 2018. If you want to go around the world, there’s the free report about the 25 Best Event Venues and Destinations in 2018, which takes you from Anaheim to Singapore. Brand New Destinations That Will Attract Avid Travelers in 2018. We're going to see a lot of human-centric tech this 2018.

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How to select the right speaker


Selecting the right speakers can make or break your meeting. The bad ones see themselves as the star-of-the-show, with little consideration for the needs of other (often non-professional) speakers on the program. Mountain Time, presented by Orvel Ray Wilson,CSP standing-ovation keynoter, best-selling author, elite speaker coach. You will learn the 10 guidelines to screen the mountain of material that your speakers or their bureaus will send you.

Guidelines for Gifting Conference Speakers

Meeting Application

Speakers are an essential part of any conference. It makes perfect sense to show appreciation for the work they put in, so in this post, I laid out guidelines for gifting conference speakers. The post Guidelines for Gifting Conference Speakers appeared first on Blog. They can be the difference makers between a mediocre and an awesome experience for the attendees. As soon as they step off the stage, they become unofficial ambassadors of your event to the world.

Conferences Need More Sharing

Velvet Chainsaw

Shift from speakers to facilitators of learning – Sharing is best achieved in small groups. To make this shift, speakers will need coaching on how to engage the participants in meaningful dialogue. How do you coach your speakers to make education sessions more participatory? Education & Adult Learning interactivity networking participatory learning small-group conversations speaker coaching

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NOEA announce awards shortlist 2018

Event Industry News

The shortlist for the prestigious National Outdoor Events Association Awards 2018 has been announced. The 2018 event themed, ‘It Could Never Happen to Me’, will see DS Louise Wilson and DCCBen-Julian Harrington, from Operation Gothic, address the subject in two of the sessions. The post NOEA announce awards shortlist 2018 appeared first on Event Industry News.

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Top 98 keynote speakers every event planner must know about

Hubilo Blog

Why have a keynote speaker at your event? This where you need keynote speakers at your event or conference. Often event planners find it difficult to find an easy reference list of keynote speakers or guest speakers for various industry segments.

Bizzabo Finds ‘Pretty Big Discrepancy’ in Speaker Diversity

PCMA Convene

Speaker diversity continues to be a hot topic in the meetings and events industry. After conducting research for the recent “Gender Diversity & Inclusion in Events” report, which reviewed 60,000-plus speakers at professional events in 23 countries between 2013 and 2018, event software company Bizzabo has shed more light on the deep divide between male and female speakers. The speakers and specific events they spoke at remain anonymous. “We

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8 Event App Features on Your Attendee’s Wishlist


From sponsors and speakers to fellow attendees and agendas, your event app has to have it all. Your guest doesn’t have much time to find a speaker’s Twitter handle when rushing from one conference room to the next as they try to secure their seat. You need to know what worked, what didn’t, and why, so you can address areas where improvement is needed while keeping the elements (and speakers!) Speaker information. Speaker’s Twitter handle.

9 Questions to Help Find the Perfect Event Speaker


If you’re like most event planners, you’re probably starting to seek out some potential speakers for next year’s event schedule. Check out these nine questions to reflect on to help you select the right speaker for your next event. However it can be hard to know off-the-bat whether someone is going to be a good fit for your event. While there are a lot of factors to consider, don’t fret!

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4 No-Cost Ways to Get More From Your Speakers

PCMA Convene

How do you get more bang for your buck when hiring paid speakers and recruiting unpaid speakers? The investment is significant for both — paid or unpaid, speakers cost serious time, dollars, and resources. First of all, create an agreement with all of your breakout speakers. For the agreement, here are four things that you might want to consider asking of your speakers: 1. Yes, it puts the speaker on the hot seat, but they can handle it.

Speakers Are Free At Last ??? – ConnexMe 7.9


update of the Event App ConnexMe, Evenium focused on liberating the speaker and freeing up time for event profs. All the speakers who are independent, throw your hands up at ConnexMe! Instantly Manage Live Slide Streaming and Live Audio Recording Speakers can now be attributed a special access that provides them with the freedom to effortlessly engage with the audience all by themselves. The post Speakers Are Free At Last ✊🏻 – ConnexMe 7.9

Best in Show 2018

PCMA Convene

2018 Best in Show awardees and outstanding nominee s : "One Year Countdown to International Ornithological Congress 2018 in Vancouver," Tourism Vancouver. Nominated for its staff, leadership and facilities while hosting a legal industry conference in 2018. Like a birthday card and treats to an Openstack 2018 attendee: What a #birthday ! — Richard Ripley (@RichardWRipley) May 26, 2018. — Rik Ferguson (@rik_ferguson) January 9, 2018.

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Top 99 keynote speakers every event planner must know about

Hubilo Blog

Why have a keynote speaker at your event? This where you need keynote speakers at your event or conference. Often event planners find it difficult to find an easy reference list of keynote speakers or guest speakers for various industry segments.

Event Buyers Live reveals captivating keynote speakers

Event Industry News

Speaking of the exciting keynote announcements, Neil Fagg, event director of Event Buyers Live, said: “As you can imagine, we’re thrilled to reveal both Iain and Jason as our opening and closing keynote speakers for Event Buyers Live 2019. The post Event Buyers Live reveals captivating keynote speakers appeared first on Event Industry News.

IMEX America 2018 Continues to Break New Ground

Smart Meetings

— SmartMeetings (@SmartMeetings) October 18, 2018. Lead with a Story’ Keynote by Speaker, Trainer and Author Paul Smith. — SmartMeetings (@SmartMeetings) October 18, 2018. The post IMEX America 2018 Continues to Break New Ground appeared first on Smart Meetings.

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