New Year New Tech: What You Will Need to Get 2019 Started Right

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New Year New Tech: What You Will Need to Get 2019 Started Right. While flying cars and robot waiters aren’t here yet, there are still cool things happening in tech to get excited about, and we’re not just talking about AirPods. . (5 Minute Read).

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How One Journalist Is Uniting the European Tech Scene


Spotify, Soundcloud, Fanduel, Zendesk—these are but a handful of the tech companies that were first launched into headlines by The Europas. Part-conference, part-awards show, The Europas is a gathering of over 500 key players and experts from the European tech scene and beyond.

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Google Maps Launches New Event Marketing Tool and 5 Other Tech Stories Planners Should Read


The hot app at SXSW back in 2007 was Twitter. When it comes to augmented reality, conferences are going all in on the tech. Do you want similar tech round-ups delivered to your inbox each month?

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Q&A With the Founders of Event Tech Tribe

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The opportunity to launch Event Tech Tribe and Women in Event Tech was no stroke of dumb luck for founders Leonora Valvo and Marie-Claire Andrews. In their opinion, it takes a village to provide the right sort of tech support to events. Event Tech Tribe prides itself on finding the right matches through its conglomeration of partners—a veritable “super channel” of technology vendors. How did each of you get your start in event tech? magazine in 2007.

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Guidebook and Our Customers for the Win!


One of the most prolific adopters of Guidebook’s mobile app platform for talent development is CA Tech, a global software leader with more than 10,000 employees. The EN Awards launched in 2007 to recognize success and achievement in the international event industry. The award is presented by Event News Magazine and that organization selected Guidebook’s Interact feature as a finalist for Event Tech of the Year.

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Annual Review

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We’ve stayed small and flat in terms of attracting international attendees to our largest events: 7 percent of registrants in 2007, and 7 percent again in 2016. Getting and giving annual performance reviews doesn’t top my “Things I’m Most Comfortable Doing” list.

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The Top 2017 Sea Otter Products We Loved! Part 2


This Santa Cruz, CA native company has been manufacturing high-quality bicycle components since 2007. Well to begin, it can be “adapted to work all across all bottom brackets,” explained Ross McMahon, Sales & Tech with Praxis.

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PlanningPod: Getting the Planning Process “Down Pat”

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When Jeff Kear and Steven Feingertz decided in 2007 to leave the marketing and ad agency they started in 2000, they felt burned out and wanted to create their own product to market and parlay into a new business. “We The initial test product came out in 2007.

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The Ultimate Event Planning Guide: 9 Actionable Steps

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New tech is driving more and more interest in announcements, trade shows are picking up pace outside of China for once, and the world of event management is getting easier and easier. Ever since 2007, people have been sending more text messages than answering phone calls.

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22 Major Atlanta Meeting Venues


Near Fox Theatre and Georgia Tech; renovated last year: 500 guest rooms; restaurant; 31,000 sq. Near Georgia Tech and Atlanta Botanical Garden; 304 guest rooms, including 17 suites; 8,590 sq. Atlanta Airport Marriott Gateway.

Convening Leaders Preview: Christopher Nassetta

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In 2007, when Christopher Nassetta was tapped as president and CEO of Hilton, the hospitality giant was clearly ripe for a makeover. Christopher Nassetta.

Top Event Agencies: The Ultimate Directory (2019)


A foundation in technology allows for fantastic data collection and event tech solutions that can be applied to any campaign. Founded in the Spring of 2007, the goal of Party Pros USA was and still is to provide superior customer service and top-of-the-line products to their customers.

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Rethinking How You Work With Procurement

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Are events and procurement seeing eye to eye in a way that wasn’t possible in, say, 2007? Wilson is president of Meeting Evolution, which offers software systems that track meeting-services sourcing and costs — so he has a dual view, from both vendor and tech-support perspectives.

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Here’s What to Include in Your Meeting’s Harassment Policy

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travels in a world populated more by academics than hackers; yet the issue of harassment was concerning enough to him that he helped AAS adopt a harassment policy back in 2007. “I They pulled us from the main convention and got our side of the story,” he wrote on a tech message board. “I The tweet quickly went viral, and PyCon became the centerpiece of a conversation on sexism at tech conferences. Editor’s Note: This was orginally published December 13, 2013.

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