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Virtual Meetings Lower Costs … and Interaction

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“Intel’s annual meeting was entirely virtual. There was no in-person gathering site, the questions were submitted in advance, and management and the board made all of their presentations online.” ” — Steven Davidoff Solomon , New York Times, Online Shareholders’ Meetings Lower Costs, but Also Interaction. There are, however, some downsides. And then everyone goes away.

Reasons to leave a job

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My mentor Jerry Weinberg , consultant extraordinaire, has written an excellent list of reasons to leave a job. In my career, I have left jobs when: The job I was hired to do was finished. The job I was hired to do could not be finished. The job I was hired to do would be finished just fine without me. I was not able to do the job I was hired to do. Sometimes you have no choice but to leave a job.

Why meetings are more important than you think

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As 2017 begins, take a moment to think about meetings in a wider context. OK, a very wide context. “Who am I?” ” We’ve all wondered about some form of this question. ” — Dr Daniel Siegel , “ Why Compassion is Necessary for Humanity “ Here’s the two-minute conclusion of Dan’s video: [link]. Meetings. They’re more important than you think.

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Event design is not just visuals and logistics

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I love David Adler ‘s creativity, support, drive, ingenuity, and enthusiasm. The first time I met him—at the premier EventCamp in 2010 —he immediately purchased my just-published book, sight unseen. The following year, David was kind enough to honor me in his flagship publication BizBash as one of the most innovative event professionals. that we don’t question their continued use.

A Practical Guide to Measuring Event Success

Can you measure event ROI? 3 in 5 marketers can't. Learn how with this free ROI model.

Save $100 on Adrian Segar’s first 1½ day participation techniques workshop!

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I’m excited! For over 25 years, I’ve been designing and facilitating Conferences That Work : successful, innovative, highly interactive, participant-driven events that leverage attendees’ expertise and experience to create just the conference that participants want and need. Earn CIC education credits. This will be the only North American workshop offered in 2016. I am so ashamed!

Help Wanted—Venues for my participation techniques workshops!

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The success of my last request for workshop help has inspired me to ask for more. Traditional meeting venues aren’t always the best fit for participant-driven events, and I’m looking for meeting spaces for my upcoming 1½ day participation techniques workshops that concentrate on inexpensive simplicity and flexibility rather than glitz and expensive high-end features. ft. (~230

Three ways to make it easier for attendees to participate

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How do we get people to participate at meetings? We know that participants — people who are active learners — learn more, retain more, and retain more accurately than passive attendees. They are also far more likely to make valuable connections with their peers during the event. Seth Godin describes a desirable meeting mindset: What would happen… if we chose to: …Sit in the front row.

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Guaranteeing audience engagement at your events

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Most people won’t ask questions at meetings. So how can you get authentic audience engagement at your events? In a thoughtful article “ Audience Engagement – at the Heart of Meetings “, Pádraic Gilligan writes: “…We all want audience engagement so why doesn’t it take place?…While ” I disagree. A different workshop. Conclusion. Sources for additional information.

Gartner Magic Quadrant for Security Information and Event Management (SIEM)

The need for early detection of targeted attacks and data breaches is driving the expansion of new and existing SIEM deployments.

What’s the best learning model for conference sessions?

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We don’t usually think about the learning models we employ during conference sessions, and I believe our events would be better if we did. Conventional conferences assume a ready supply of experts to whom we listen while they cover the learning that has been advertised at their sessions. “In surface learning, the session reflects the knowledge and skills of the speaker. It is one.

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The best way I know to radically improve your conferences

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This 3-minute video explains why registering for one of my upcoming participation techniques workshops could be the best career decision you’ll make this year. You’ll save $100 when you sign up for my Chicago workshop by September 9th , earn 16.00 CE hours, and — most important — learn how to significantly increase attendee satisfaction at your events. Thanks! Related posts: Earn 16.00

Wisdom from International Facilitation Week!

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Gosh, how could I have overlooked International Facilitation Week ? Dontcha know, there’s a minute, hour, day, week, month, or year for everything these days.) Luckily it’s not too late to share the latest crop of fine facilitation wisdom from the mysterious S**t FacilitatorsSay (profile: “I facilitate groups. ” ). S**t FacilitatorsSay (@ShitFacilitator) October 20, 2016.

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I stop talking for five days. You won’t believe what happens next.

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I do something I’ve never done before. In August, I stopped talking for five days. I flew to New Mexico and drove four hours to Vallecitos , a remote ranch in the heart of the Carson National Forest. For five days, forty of us lived in silence, meditating in the Vipassana tradition. No talking, no reading, no writing, no phone, no internet. Before this experience, I had never been silent for even one day of my life. What happened next? A totally unexpected outcome was that I fundamentally changed how I eat. It turned out to be a lot less than I’ve been eating most of my life.

Facilitation, rapt attention, and love

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Why am I drawn to facilitation? I’ve often heard an uneasy inner voice that wonders if it’s about a desire or need for control and/or power. And yet I know through experience that when I am facilitating well, I have influence but no real control or power. The love is conveyed not so much in the content as in the form: the rapt attention of someone who cares enough to interrogate you.

Effortlessly Interact with an Entire Audience from Any Location

1,000 Participants. 75 Locations. 1 Solution.

Six Events At The Facilitator Olympics

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Did you know that facilitators have their own Olympics too? Here are six facilitator sports you may not be aware of…. Get the entire group to return on time from break. facilitatorolympics. — S**t FacilitatorsSay (@ShitFacilitator) May 7, 2016. Rearrange 10 tables and 60 chairs from boardroom style to horseshoe b4 participants arrive. FacilitatorOlympics. — Andy Kaye (@thepitofclay) May 8, 2016.

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Asking for help

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Sometimes, the best thing we can do is to ask for help. I had been fretting for several months on how to move ahead on convening and facilitating more of the participation technique workshops that are dear to my heart. What would the interest be? How would I market them? Which countries and venues should I consider? The exploratory work involved was daunting. I needed to ask for help. Ask for help.

Ask Me Anything About Conference Panels—Annotated Video

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I guarantee you will learn many new great ideas about conference panels from this Blab of my Thursday chat with the wonderful Kristin Arnold. I’ve annotated it so you can jump to the good bits. But it’s pretty much all good bits, so you may find yourself watching the whole thing. Scroll down the whole list; there are many advice gems , excellent stories and parables , folks show up at our homes , Kristin sings , etc.!) 0:00] Types of moderator questions. [1:30] 1:30] Using to crowdsource audience questions. [2:40] 2:40] Panel moderator toolboxes. 13:50] Panelist selection. [14:40]

To build connection and engagement at events — give up control!

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How can we build connection and engagement with people with whom we work? My wise consultant friend Naomi Karten tells a short story about a client’s unexpected reaction. Frank had a bad experience with an earlier information technology project, so Naomi’s team gave him three possible approaches to a major system design and a list of the pluses and minuses of each.

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Replace “brain training” hype with something that works

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Driving home from the post office today, I finally heard one too many promotions for Lumosity brain training on my local NPR station. Lumosity , in case you somehow haven’t heard, is a subscription to online games that claim to improve memory, attention, cognitive flexibility, speed of processing, problem solving, and, for all I know, world peace too. Which leads to a simple suggestion.

U.S. and Europe Power of Participation Workshops registration opens!

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Whether you’re in the U.S. or Europe, I’ve got a POPWORKS workshop for you! significantly increase owner and attendee satisfaction and participation at your sessions and events. February 2-3, 2017: RAI Amsterdam , The Netherlands 1½-day workshop, registration now open — €895. The first ten registrants will receive a signed paperback copy of The Power of Participation (€25 value).

The two must-do steps to hire the best professional help

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When you need professional help, how do you select the best professionals? Countless experts — such as accountants, plumbers, doctors, lawyers, and meeting planners — will take your money in exchange for advice or services. It isn’t easy. Why it’s hard to choose the right help. There’s a simple reason why it’s tricky to pick great professionals. Don’t despair!

Who owns your event?

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Who owns an event? The usual answer to this question is “the event’s sponsors”, i.e. the people and organizations that decide to hold the event and contribute the resources needed for the event to occur. Sponsors typically define the context, format, scope, and desired outcomes of an event, so they are clearly key candidates to be considered as owners.

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Should presenter contracts include a no brown M&Ms rider?

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Van Halen ‘s 1982 World Tour performance contract contained a provision calling for them to be provided backstage with a bowl of M&Ms from which all the brown candies had been removed. ” — Brown Out , Apparently, David Lee Roth would also trash the band’s dressing room to drive home the point. ” I can’t post materials on the walls. It is one.

Use pair share to quickly improve your conference sessions

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In less than three minutes, you can improve almost any conference session with pair share. The technique is simple: after pairing up participants and providing a short period for individual thinking about an appropriate topic, each pair member takes a minute in turn to share their thoughts with their partner. More details can be found in Chapter 38 of The Power of Participation.). Pair share is not the same as conversation, because pair share gives each person an exclusive minute of active sharing and a minute of pure listening. Modeling and supporting social learning during the session.

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Feedback Frames—a low-tech tool for anonymous voting

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Jason Diceman is developing a novel tool for anonymous voting — Feedback Frames. Unlike high-tech audience response systems, Feedback Frames are refreshingly low-tech (no computers, clickers, smartphones, power, or technical support required). Jason created an even lower-tech (free!) Visit Feedback Frames to learn more. Read the full article at Conferences That Work. No related posts.

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Five reasons NOT to use a Conferences That Work meeting design

Conferences that Work

I’ve been promoting the Conferences That Work meeting format for so long, that some people assume I think it’s the right choice for every meeting. Well, it’s not. Here are (drum roll!) two meeting types and three situations when you should NOT use a Conferences That Work design: — Most corporate events. Many corporate events have a tight focus. It’s worth it.

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How to get better at doing anything

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A lost tourist asks a native New Yorker “How do you get to Carnegie Hall?” to which the local replies “Practice, practice, practice!”. Good advice. But if we want to get better at doing something, what should we practice? The obvious answer is that we should practice improving what we are doing well, so we get even better at it. My mentor Jerry Weinberg has a different suggestion.

An introduction to participatory voting—Part 3: Public, semi-anonymous, and anonymous voting

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In the first two parts of this series on participatory voting at events, I introduced the concept and compared low-tech and high-tech approaches. Now, let’s explore an issue that should (but often doesn’t) determine the specific voting methods we choose: knowledge about how other participants have voted. ” But how often is this necessary? Sources for additional information.

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Friends don’t let friends give away their content

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Friends don’t let friends give away their original content to third-party platforms. I’ve been saying this for years, but do people listen? No they don’t. Let me be clear, by all means share your content for free on any of the gazillion social media platforms available. And if you can get paid appropriately for creating content for others, good for you. Long gone. Who knows?

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Facilitating connection

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Last Saturday, the ashes of my wife’s beloved Tai Chi teacher were interred in our tiny town cemetery. People came from all over the world to celebrate her life, but some could not make the journey. I was asked if I could help distant friends and students in the United States, New Zealand, and Germany to connect in some way with the ceremony. Read the full article at Conferences That Work.

Reduce Chinese-style self-censorship at your meetings

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The Chinese government runs a massive online censorship program. Why mention this on an event design blog? Well, the most effective aspect of China’s online censorship regime illustrates what happens when you don’t incorporate covenants into your meetings. Tech In Asia explains: “Imagine being near a steep cliff. to say and do. Photo attribution: Flickr user zedzap.

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Dear Adrian — How does group size impact process design?

Conferences that Work

Another issue of an occasional series— Dear Adrian —in which I answer questions about event design, elementary particle physics , solar hot water systems, facilitation, and anything else I might conceivably know something about. If you have a question you’d like me to answer, please contact me (don’t worry, I won’t publish anything without your permission). I look forward to hearing from you.

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Lessons From Improv: Make Sure Your Meeting Messages Are Received

Conferences that Work

Want to improve the learning at your meetings? Here’s what I learned from You. No, not you — “ You “! “You” “ You “ is a delightful improv game I played at the Mindful Play, Playful Mind retreat in Mere Point, Maine. Once the players have got that pattern down … well, let’s run both patterns simultaneously! It’s challenging — and a lot of fun!

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Panels as if the audience mattered

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I’m in San Antonio, Texas, having just run two 90-minute “panels” at a national association leadership conference. I say “panels” because at both sessions, the three “panelists” presented for less than five minutes. There’s no one “best” way to do this of course, but here’s the format I used for these two particular sessions.

“Less Meetings, More Doing?” Nope!

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Many believe that meetings are an unpleasant evil that sucks time and energy away from getting things done. That’s unfortunate, because meetings — when done right — are one of the most powerful business tools for creating the action outcomes that stakeholders and participants want and need. Much has been written about how to run great business meetings (for example, this , this , and this.)

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When event covenants collide—a story

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I was facilitating a one-day workshop for 24 college presidents. At the start, we agreed to follow six covenants , including the freedom to ask questions at any time , and a commitment to stay on schedule. Our program was tight and college presidents are not known for their brevity, and I was feeling somewhat apprehensive about the group’s ability to honor the latter covenant.

Lessons from Anguilla: What meeting designers can learn from religious services

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On my daily vacation walk to Island Harbour, I hear singing. As I turn the corner onto Rose Hill Road, the sound swells. It’s 7:30 am, but the morning service at St. Andrew’s Anglican Church is in full swing and, as I pass, a familiar hymn from my youth washes over me, sung by a hundred enthusiastic voices. So what can we learn from religious meeting design? Keep ’em moving!

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The dark side of stories at events

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Hans Bleiker tells a story about a group of scientists who spent several years carefully researching how to maintain the health of a deer herd, and determined that some minor changes in state hunting regulations would be very effective. Stories have great power to change our minds. Unfortunately, such power can also be used for evil. Stories can be used to inflict great damage. Examples abound.